If you feel like you’re doing everything right, but you’re still not seeing results, you may actually be holding back your progress by following the wrong or outdated advice. Many of them are disguised under the famous “Lose weight in a healthy way!” phrase.

In the process of losing weight, it is extremely important to start correctly and properly balance out physical activity, diet or different lifestyle.

It all depends on individual factors such as muscle mass, age, gender, general health and other similar parameters.

However, the fact is that people often make the same mistakes in the weight loss process, both due to lack of information and due to their free interpretation. That’s why we decided to single out the most common mistakes that people make over and over again, in order to enable everyone who is embarking on the path of weight loss with the right tips to avoid common misconceptions and myths.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes people make when they want to lose weight.

Error Number 1

“I’ll do a lot of sit-ups!” Usually, the answer to the question “Why?” is “I have the most fat deposits there.”

Many people still think that they can choose the area from which they can remove fat deposits. In addition, too much exercise is neither healthy nor effective, and can lead to increased stress and injury.

The body does not function on this principle. The effects of local lipolysis with the help of exercise has not been proven so far, and practice has shown many times that it is not possible to choose the areas from which we will remove fat deposits. However, for instance, you can use the fat from your own body and shape and increase your bust size. Breast fat transfer augmentation is a procedure that doesn’t include neither general anaesthesia nor breast implants because reserves of fat stored in your own body are used, namely abdomen, thighs or back.

We burn fat deposits or fat by putting pressure on large muscle groups, and not exclusively by working the abdominal muscles. Also, with these exercises, the abdominal muscles are stressed out to a great extent.

Error Number 2

“I won’t eat anything to lose weight.”

To the question why such a radical step, the answer is “This way I will burn fat faster.” This approach is especially popular among girls who want to lose weight.

The reason why this is not true is that during starvation, the body enters a special mode of functioning when it slows down the metabolism, and the number of kilograms increases even with the intake of only 900 calories per day.

Think of it this way. When they do not get enough food, the body deposits everything it gets in the “pantry” as it provides a source of energy if there is a complete restriction of food. That “pantry” is exactly the place where fat deposits are deposited.

Error Number 3

“I do full-body exercises every day.”

When asked how people plan to achieve this, the answer is “I go from one machine to another and do exercises for the whole body.”

The reason why this approach does not bring results is the following: It takes a lot of time and experience to achieve the desired result when it comes to back muscles and arms.

Every physical activity represents stress for our body, which in those situations produces the hormone cortisol. It is this hormone that is responsible for the breakdown of fat deposits or proteins, in some cases. When we expose the body to stress every day, not allowing it the necessary rest, there is a loss of muscle mass, will, concentration and many other things that no one wants to lose. If your nutrient intake is low, then there can also be numerous health problems. Tell us all about your weight loss path in the comments below!

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