Are you ready to meet your pumpkin size baby? Of course, you have been waiting for this moment for the last eight months. It’s finally your second last, 39th week of pregnancy. Just one more week and the 39 weeks pregnant mother will be free from all the symptoms of pregnancy. All the body parts of the baby at 39 weeks are fully developed. In this post, we will see the 39 weeks pregnant symptoms and the changes in the baby.

Baby at 39th Week

39 weeks pregnant is the eight-month and three weeks of pregnancy. Only one week is left to complete nine months. The baby at 39 weeks is as big as a pumpkin. If measured, the baby is around 20 inches in length and weighs about 7.3 pounds. This indicates that he/she is ready to survive in the world.

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Your baby’s brain and lungs are almost developed and will continue to develop right up until birth. The baby now has meconium in his/her gut. Sometimes the baby poos during the labour and there will be meconium in the amniotic fluid.

Have you ever seen a baby producing tears? No? This is because their tear ducts aren’t fully open yet. The skin of the baby has turned white from pink, no matter what the eventual complexion will be. This is because the baby has deposited a thick layer of fat under the skin to regulate body temperature.

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In the 39th week of pregnancy, the expecting mothers may have many symptoms such as back pain, trouble sleep, swollen feet or hands. You have been suffering from these symptoms for the past few weeks and by now you know how to manage them.

Apart from these, you may also experience other symptoms like Braxton hicks contractions, which is not a labour pain. This type of contraction shows that your body is getting prepared for the delivery.

During pregnancy, the womb is protected by a plug of mucus on the cervix that prevents any kind of infection. When this mucus comes out of the vagina, it will start showing on your underpants. The midwife or doctor calls it ‘Show’. It looks like a small amount of mucus mixed with blood.

Generally, this happens during early labour or before your labour starts. This should be considered that your body is getting ready for delivery.

Things to do During 39th Week of Pregnancy

Being healthy during the last weeks is important. It is advised to have a proper diet at this time. You need to take around 200 extra calories per day.

Don’t forget about the pelvic floor exercises. This will tone up your pelvic muscles and help at the time of labour and birth as well as after your baby is born.

A few days are left, so have a good sleep and relax.

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