Lots of stress results in the secretion of Cortisol a fat storage hormone. This hormone increases your appetite and cravings for sugar thus leading to weight gain, generally affecting the belly area.

Visceral fat is easy to lose as it is metabolically active. Careful diet and regulation of stress hormones, with light everyday exercises can help you to lose belly fat in no time at all.

Here are 5 easy ways that will give you a healthy, toned belly that you can be proud of.

1. Balanced Diet

Many health trainers and nutritionists are of the opinion that maintaining a healthy, slim body requires a balanced diet.

It has to be kept in mind that a healthy diet has 90 percent role while maintaining your body and exercise only 10 percent.

To tone down your tummy flab you will have to plan a diet that is healthy at the same time, appetizing and agreeable to your palate. A balanced diet means that you have to keep in mind the calorie count of the food you intake and take in proteins, carbohydrates, mineral and vitamins according to your body’s needs.

2. A Strict No to Processed and Outside Food

Homemade food is the healthiest form of food that you can intake.

Meals at hotels and restaurants, goodies from roadside stalls and vendors and even processed food from the supermarket have to be avoided as far as possible. Especially processed food and sugar intake as it contains the most amount of fat. This high calorie content food may be scrumptious to eat but in the long run they are the cause for your bulging tummy. So potato chips, cream cookies, easy to make food items and sugar candies need to be avoided. Even sodas, coffee beverages and alcohol have high calories content and should be avoided.

3. Increase Intake of fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have rich content of both minerals and vitamins and it is thus necessary that your diet includes them in wide portions. A combination of vegetable salads with a balanced blend of greens can be consumed during meals and fruits can be taken in between meals. Fruits with rich water content are extremely helpful for water retention of the body and regular metabolic activities.

4. Whole grains and Carbs

One thing that is important to know is that as food gets processed it loses its nutritional value. Thus you can consume quinoa, brown rice or barely because they are more rich in nutrition than wheat. You can consume whole grains with a low glycemic index. Lower glycemic content grains do not raise the sugar content in your body and are therefore more filling. Green tea can be taken as it contains high levels of anti-oxidants that are good for the body.

5. Healthy Exercise

Regular exercising is necessary.

You can start with a few stretching exercises and then move on to cardio and crunches. You can also tone down your tummy fat by diligently doing 15-25 laps a day in the pool. Swimming will exercise all your body muscles and keep you fit as well as flatten your tummy.

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