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8 Tips For Improving Your Chiropractic Health

Your spine does a lot for you every day. Like the rest of the bones in your body, your spine provides body support so you can move freely and do strenuous activities like walking, running, jumping, or dancing.

However, many people tend to neglect their spine health, resulting in them suffering from back pains and neck pains. Besides being painful and uncomfortable, these body aches can hinder you from doing your usual activities. Once left untreated, those simple back pains could lead to permanent injuries that may stop you from doing the activities you usually love to do.  

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help improve your spinal health, relieve yourself from chronic back pains and neck pains, and reduce the risk of suffering from long-term back injuries. For your guide, here are eight tips for improving your chiropractic health.   

  • See A Professional Chiropractor  

If you’re currently experiencing headaches and back/neck pains, it’s a good idea to consult a professional chiropractor first before you do any back or spine exercises. They can perform proper checkups to see if you’re experiencing simple back pain or a chronic and more severe spine issue.   

Once they have a diagnosis, they’ll prescribe you treatments like manual therapies, spinal manipulation, or nutritional counseling. So, whether you suspect that your back pains are something else or you’re simply looking to improve your spine health, you may check out Balance Chiropractic or other chiropractic clinics within your area for a proper checkup.   

  • Have A Daily Or Weekly Exercise Routine 

One of the best things that your spine will surely be grateful for is when you exercise regularly. Remember that a sedentary lifestyle with no time for exercise can only contribute to neck, back, and shoulder pains. 

Meanwhile, engaging in regular physical activities can help strengthen your back, spine, and overall bone system. Exercise is also known to boost your overall health. Preferably, set aside at least 30 to 60 minutes a day for any physical activity. It can be walking, running, jogging, swimming, or strength training. If you’re into sports, you can also use it as a form of exercise.  

When exercising, also focus on strengthening the core muscles deep within your back and abdominals. With stronger and healthier core muscles, your spine can efficiently support your back during physical activities and promote good posture. You’ll also be less likely to experience any strain and pressure on your spine health. Your chiropractor may recommend some exercises to strengthen your core muscles and improve your chiropractic health. 

  • Practice Proper Posture 

Some people may not realize that poor posture is one of the major culprits of back pains and spinal issues. Slouching when you’re sitting in the office, watching TV, or even during your sleep can all lead to chronic back problems. Thus, if your job involves sitting in a chair for 8-9 hours, set a timer every hour as your reminder to get up and do some stretches. 

If you’re doing other activities like watching TV, washing the dishes, or sitting at a dinner table, ensure you pay attention to your posture and sit properly.  

If you feel weird or hurt from sitting straightly, it’s normal since your body will still need time to get used to it. You may also seek help from your chiropractor as they can offer you physical therapies or recommend exercises that will improve your posture.  

  • Sleep In A Proper Position For Your Spine 

You must also pay attention to your posture during your sleep, considering that you’re spending at least one-third of your lifetime sleeping. Your sleeping position can also impact your chiropractic health. 

When you frequently slouch or curl up in your sleep, you’ll likely wake up with neck or back pains the next day. You may suffer from poor sleep quality as you’ll spend most of the night tossing and turning too. It’s said that using a low-quality mattress or pillow can also affect your sleeping posture and possibly lead to spinal issues. Thus, listen to your body and train yourself to sleep in its preferred position. It’s also helpful to invest in the right pillow or mattress that supports your regular sleeping position. 

For example, if you’re a back sleeper, you may place a pillow beneath your knees to support your lower spine. For side-sleepers, you may place one pillow between your knees to ensure your spine remains aligned with your hips and neck. Additionally, chiropractors also recommend everyone to avoid sleeping on their stomach as it’s not good for their spine. 

  • Lift Or Reach For Objects Properly 

If you’re constantly lifting heavy things, ensure you practice proper lifting to avoid injuring your back or spine. Bending your back when lifting heavy objects from the floor will only strain your back, eventually causing back problems. Further, overextending your back while trying to reach high shelves can also put pressure on your back.  

When lifting something heavy from the ground, keep your back straight and bend your knees. This way, all the pressure will be on your knees and not on your back. When trying to reach higher shelves or cabinets, use a stool to avoid overextending your back or ask help from someone taller than you. 

  • Quit Smoking For Good 

Everyone knows how bad smoking is for your overall health, including your spine. When you smoke, the oxygen in your body will be reduced, affecting your ligaments and muscles and thereby affecting your spinal health. 

What’s more, since smoking deteriorates your lung function, it’ll be much harder for you to perform physical activities or exercises, leading to weaker muscles and weaker body structures, including your spine. So, if you want the chiropractor’s treatments to work in improving your spine health effectively, you need to work on quitting your smoking habit for good.  

  • Take Breaks From Your Screens 

While you’re so focused on using your computer, laptop, or mobile devices, sometimes you fail to notice that you’re already straining your back or neck from staying in the same position for long periods. Chiropractors often call this text neck, which describes the pain or injury you feel in your neck due to looking down at your devices or screens for too long. Symptoms associated with text neck may include neck pain, upper back pain, chronic headaches, and shoulder pain. 

So, when working or using your screens, don’t forget to take breaks and let your neck rest. If you suspect that you have a text neck, consult your chiropractor immediately, and they’ll recommend exercises to enhance your posture and alleviate text neck. 

  • Live A Healthy Lifestyle 

For optimal spinal health, start living a healthy lifestyle. After all, exercise, sleep, nutrition, and overall wellness are all connected and interrelated. So, focus on living healthily for your overall health, including your spinal health. 

Key Takeaway 

Your spine health is just as important as the rest of your body. So, take note of these tips to help you have a healthier spine and a happier life. If you’re experiencing back pain or spinal injuries, don’t forget to consult your chiropractor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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