9 Important tips for successful IVF Treatment recommended by Gaudium IVF

9 Important tips for successful IVF Treatment recommended by Gaudium IVF
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Pinning your hopes for a successful IVF cycle is feasible when you are at the right fertility clinic, and your case is handled by the best in the field. Settling for anything ordinary is not acceptable. For this reason, you should look for the best IVF centre in Delhi, which has a remarkable track record of successful IVF deliveries and the doctors are known for their professional yet sympathetic demeanour.Getting pregnant might sound very simple. But the fact of the matter is that with the change in the couples' demographics and lifestyle, pregnancy doesn't happen as easily as it was supposed to be. They say that a stitch in time saves nine and IVF treatment is undoubtedly that stitch that can save from the turbulence of failed conception. Call it a miracle spot or a place where wishes become a reality, the best IVF centre in Delhi is the haven for couples who have been craving for their baby and have not been able to conceive naturally.For a better understanding, let's go through some tips for successful IVF treatment:

Maintain a healthy nutritious diet

Foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI) must be avoided. Glycemic Index determines how easily the food can be digested by your body. Legumes, broccoli, sweet potato and mushrooms have a low GI and must be included in your diet. Eating monosaturated fats or good fats can help you improve your fertility levels, and this includes olive oil, nuts, avocados etc. Avoid red meat, alcohol, caffeine, processed food and oils because these have a high GI and affect the hormone levels and the immune system. Solicit the recommendations on a balanced diet from the dietician at the IVF centre and make sure that you follow the diet plan religiously. Engaging yourself in a strict exercise routine is a must for a healthy mind and body for increasing the chances of a successful IVF cycle.

Research and seal

When you search for the best IVF centre in Delhi, you need to find answers to the following questions during the search process:
  • What is the cost of IVF treatment?
  • What is the rate of successful IVF deliveries at the fertility clinic?
  • Since how long has the IVF centre been in operation?
  • What is the technology used?
  • What is the pregnancy rate in your age bracket?
  • What is the ratio of pregnancy to embryo transfer?
The best IVF centre in Delhi will stand tall on these parameters, and its clients shall be a testimony of the services available there.

Meditate and de-stress

Your anxiety related to the IVF cycle is natural, but you need to curb your apprehensions, sit back and relax for a successful IVF cycle. This is possible if you meditate and engage in conversations that are healthy and give a boost to your energy levels.

Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the major reasons behind the inability to conceive. The growing tension at the workplace and the inability to manage household chores and office responsibilities can take a serious toll on your bedroom life, and the result can be a disappointment when you take the pregnancy test. Move towards a stress-free zone, and this is possible if you change your lifestyle and eating habits. Quit smoking, caffeine and alcohol if you are serious about IVF treatment. 

Avoid rigorous exercise

Heavy workouts or rigorous exercises which lower the chances of successful implantation should be avoided, rather mild exercises like walking, yoga etc should be done to maintain your body weight as suggested by the fertility experts.

Sleep well

Your emotional and physical health is dependent on the quality of your sleep. Having a sound and deep sleep for 2 weeks before IVF appointment is a must to ensure that your mind and body is energized for the treatment.

Take supplements

As per reports, Vitamin D is said to have a major impact on IVF results. Talk to the doctor at the fertility clinic so that your Vitamin D levels can be checked, and if need be, supplements should be taken to bring the levels in tandem with the required standards. 

Sperm health should be optimized

Talking to the fertility expert at the best IVF centre will further increase the chances of a successful IVF cycle. As much as you need the baby, your partner too is desperate for holding the little bundle of joy and for a successful IVF cycle, the sperm quality should be good. Male partner can talk to the doctor and start taking required precautions like lowering caffeine and alcohol, quitting smoking and taking supplements which can enhance sperm growth. Using boxers in place of briefs can also help in increasing the sperm count.

Talk to a counsellor 

Venting out your fears is said to be an excellent therapy in cooling your stress levels and thus talking to the counsellor can help you in umpteen ways. IVF is a magical treatment but it will be more of a roller coaster ride. Gear up for this journey by letting the counsellor answer your doubts.The battle is half won if you trust the doctors and the treatment they are putting you on and when you visit the best IVF Centre in Delhi you will get this innate feeling of accomplishing your mission.Partner with the best and follow the above-suggested tips to bring home your baby to complete you in every way!