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things to know about arthritis

Arthritis – Things You Should Know

Providing the list of things that people should know about Arthritis:

Arthritis Is Not a Single Disease

Arthritis is not a single disease but a combination of diseases and related rheumatic diseases. It is essential to be accurately diagnosed and know the type to follow the essential course of treatment.

No Known Cure for Most Types of Arthritis

There is no known single medication or treatment that cures most types of arthritis. Most of the medicines available offer symptomatic treatment and help in managing pain, control symptoms, slow disease progression, and reduce joint damage or deformity.

Early Diagnosis and Aggressive Treatment Is Best

Treating the problem within the initial months of diagnosis and onset is advised to prevent joint damage. Most of the treatment options help in remission mostly by addressing inflammation and countering pain. Most preferred treatment alternative includes disease-modifying drugs which help in controlling majority of the symptoms.

Remission Is Possible

Rheumatologist aims to reduce the overall symptoms associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This includes “treat-to-target” approach to address inflammation and other associated symptoms and keep disease activity in check. Remission primarily aims at keeping the disease activity restricted, one or fewer involved joints, low disease activity and low levels of blood proteins that indicate inflammation.

Healthy Lifestyle is Essential

The benefits of regular exercise along with maintaining an ideal weight are obvious. Getting good sleep and maintaining a stress-free life can also help in cutting down the triggers substantially. Adding cardio to your exercise regime will help in cutting down risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also, try to cut down on smoking as well.

Differentiate Myths From Facts

It is essential to know the facts because myths can be misleading and often delay the diagnosis and hence treatment of arthritis. It is essential to understand that age is no limiting factor for arthritis and that it can affect almost all ages. Only diet modification cannot help in treating the problem. There is a lot more physical and physiological changes than aches and pains that happen in arthritis, which should be addressed properly and at proper time intervals.


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