Back pain is often something that everyone has complained about at some point in their life. It is a frequent cause for employees to take leave from work, and something that people constantly need to seek treatment for.

Whether it’s dealing with the back pain with the help of over the counter pain killers, You can visit a physiotherapist or you can buy therapy machines for back pain relief for example DCcure which is an electromagnetic machine and can be used very easily. or even Chiropractic intervention everyone has their own treatment of choice. Jonesboro Chiropractic care for back pain is a renowned place in Atlanta that helps their patients deal with all sorts of back pain.

Back pain can result from various injuries, strenuous activity and even due to specific medical conditions. People of all ages and backgrounds can suffer back pain. Although as you grow older, the chances of developing back pain also increase, depending on reasons such as the nature of your occupation and any other diseases you may have had in the past.

In regards of Lower back pain, this may be due to the discs in your spinal cord, ligaments surrounding the spine, nerve damage, issues in the lower back muscles, malfunction of the abdominal and pelvic internal organs etc. On the other hand, pain in the upper back might be due to issues in the aorta, presence of tumors in the chest or even spine inflammation.

What Are the Main Causes of Back Pain?

Your back is made up of an intricate arrangement of muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks, and bones, which labor collectively to bear the body and facilitates us to move around and go about our lives.

Issues arising in any of these components can be a cause of back pain. Although in some cases the reasons for back pain can be unclear.

Some of the other familiar causes of back pain are as mentioned below:


Back pain most commonly originates from issues such as strain, tension or any injuries suffered. Some other causes of back pain can be

  • The strain on the back muscles or back ligaments
  • Spasms in the back muscles
  • Tension in the back muscles
  • Damaged discs of the spinal cord
  • Other injuries sustained such as sports or strenuous exercise, falls, in general, can also put a strain on the back

Furthermore, there are also some activities that can lead to back pain such as

  • Lifting objects improperly can cause a strain on your back
  • Lifting heavy things
  • Making sudden or awkward movements

Structural Issues

Your spine comprises of interlocking bones, stacked over one another. The spinal plates are essentially tissues that pad the space in between your spinal disc. In severe cases these can swell up or endure a hernia; this can make the nerves in your spine get compacted. Herniated plates can be particularly difficult and can likewise cause strain on the sciatic nerve. This can cause severe pain and discomfort to the patient.

Other sicknesses like joint inflammation and osteoporosis which can also be a reason for deformation of the bone structure as well as cause discomfort and back pain.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Aside from the standard reasons, there are numerous other potential reasons for back pain that can be also a cause for concern but they don’t occur as commonly as other causes

  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis: This occurs when one spinal disc moves from its place
  • Cauda equina disorder which is a genuine health-related crisis. This entitles the loss of nerve work in the lower spine.
  • Fungal or bacterial contamination of the spine
  • Cancer or nonmalignant tumor of the backbone or spinal cord
  • Some kidney infections or even kidney stones can also be a cause of back pain
  • In a few cases already untreated or undiscovered back damage can likewise bring about constant back agony.

The Risk Factors That Come with Back Pain

According to medical professionals and research, you are more likely to be at a risk for back pain if you

  • Happen to work in a deskbound domain
  • Lead a sedentary life
  • Engage in out of routine high-sway exercises
  • Suffer from tension or are under some sort mental pressure
  • Old age can likewise be a significant factor for back issues
  • Obesity can likewise cause back problems

Ways to Prevent Back Pain From Occurring

  • Carry less weight

Conveying overwhelming burdens on a daily basis can add useless strain to your neck and spine. Carry backpacks that help redistribute the weight for example knapsacks or even packs with wheels can be a decent option as opposed to other bags.

  • Strengthen your core muscles

Working your center can likewise be a decent alternative to prepare your body to be more grounded, flexible and diminish odds of agony or damage to your neck and spine.

  • Improve your posture

Improving your stance can be a proficient and viable method for averting or managing back pain and issues. A poor stance can bring about excessive weight on your spine.

Stretching is also a good option for relieving the pain and pressure buildup in your back, both which is a cause of chronic back problems.


While treatment for back pain can differ from patient to patient, depending on the severity of back pain and also the injuries (if any) sustained. Some of the common treatments are

  • Visiting a physiotherapist
  • Over the counter medications to help relieve the pain
  • A chiropractic adjustment, Jonesboro Chiropractic care for back pain located in Atlanta specializes in all kinds of back pain and the professionals there are sure to help you with your back issues.


After you visit the doctor for your first appointment and get a satisfactory diagnosis along with a treatment plan you would do well by staying on track with the treatment and following your doctor’s instructions and advice. Don’t take your health for granted, exercise lightly as advised by the doctor. And along with treatment follow a healthy diet that will enable you to recover quickly and completely.

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