7 Impressive Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

7 Impressive Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Surgery
7 Impressive Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Surgery
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Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. In many cultures, the breasts symbolize femininity, beauty, fertility, and sensuality. While shape and size standards differ, women often want to augment their breasts to accentuate their figure. Breast implants do have more practical uses alongside the cosmetic benefits in some situations. Here are 7 impressive benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

#1: Restore Breast Volume After Pregnancy

During and immediately after pregnancy, the breasts grow in size. This is due to hormone changes and—later—milk production. However, when milk production ceases and hormone levels reduce, the breasts will begin to return to their normal size. Unfortunately, many women experience more breast volume loss and end up with smaller or uneven breasts. Multiple pregnancies make this more likely or worse.Placing breast implants can help restore the patient's breast size. Another benefit is that with subsequent pregnancies, the implants will maintain the size of the breasts even after they begin to reduce in size. Breast augmentation cannot prevent sagging, so some patients may choose to wait until they no longer plan to have children before getting breast implants. However, unlike other plastic surgeries, it is not required.

#2: Reconstruct The Breasts After Mastectomy

Breast augmentation can also serve reconstructive purposes. Women who have had a mastectomy—the surgical removal of the breasts—may feel stripped of their womanhood and identity, or simply feel distressed. Plastic surgeons can place breast implants to restore the appearance of breasts.With many implant options—including those that mimic the shape of real breast tissue—reconstructive breast surgery patients do not have to worry about looking fake. Breast cancer is not the only reason a woman may have a mastectomy or need a breast reconstruction procedure. Traumatic injuries, birth defects, and medical conditions may all cause the need for breast reconstruction.

#3: Corrects Underdeveloped Breasts

Many situations and conditions can cause the breasts to either underdevelop or simply remain small in proportion to the body. This can include genetics, eating disorders, low body fat, tuberous breasts, Poland's syndrome, and Turner syndrome. This can lead to a condition known as macromastia that occurs when little to no breast tissue matures in a cisgender woman.Some patients may also just have small breasts for their frame, even if not technically underdeveloped. Breast augmentation can address many of these conditions and provide more proportional breasts. This is generally performed after the patient has reached adulthood.

#4: Quick Recovery

Breast augmentation is a well-tolerated surgery. Patients can often return to work in a week or less. While their full routine may be hindered for four to eight weeks, patients can return to most of their daily life in under two weeks. Many patients also experience only mild pain during recovery.Many patients who have breast implants placed are surprised by how easy the recovery is. Of course, some patients will experience more pain or a harder recovery than others. On average, though, a breast augmentation recovery involves minimal pain, and patients are able to recover comfortably.

#5: Address Breast Asymmetry

Every woman's breasts are asymmetrical. However, for most, it is pretty much unnoticeable and does not get in the way of everyday life. There are some women though that have completely different-sized breasts which makes it difficult to find bras and clothing. It can also hinder exercise and cause mental distress.Breast implants of different sizes can be placed into each breast to create even breasts. A common goal of breast augmentation is to address mild and severe cases of asymmetrical breasts. Occasionally, a plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift alongside breast augmentation or instead of it when treating significant breast asymmetry.

#6: Create Cleavage

Due to the shape, size, or positioning of the breasts, not all women naturally have cleavage. Of course, there is nothing abnormal about this, but if a woman wants cleavage and cannot have it, breast implants can remedy this. Choosing specific breast implants and placements can help maximize cleavage during and after surgery.Size is not always the main factor in whether or not a patient has cleavage. Sometimes the breasts may not be round enough or close together enough. Breast implants can help enhance the shape of the breasts and the positioning can be somewhat addressed via breast augmentation.

#7: Rejuvenated Confidence & Self Esteem

Everyone has insecurities that may cause them distress. While a patient should not exhibit signs of body dysmorphia before surgery, some insecurity and unhappiness are understandable. Following breast augmentation, many patients experience improved confidence and increased self-esteem in the months after surgery. It also has one of the highest satisfaction rates in all of plastic surgery.This benefit can be even more powerful for patients experiencing gender dysphoria. Creating breasts and giving transgender women the body they feel most comfortable in can save lives and substantially benefit mental well-being.


Breast augmentation surgery can be an extremely rewarding experience for patients wanting to enhance the size or shape of their breasts. It is one of the most versatile plastic surgeries and is often considered worth it. With several breast implant options and talented plastic surgeons available, patients can achieve amazing breast augmentation results.