Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair fall

You may have best homeopathic medicine for hair fall, but before that, you will have to understand the medicinal field and the reason behind hair falls.

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair fall
Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair fall
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Hair fall or hair loss is a common and distressing condition affecting people at least once in their life. When you notice around 100 strands of hair falling every time you comb, it is called hair fall. Hair fall is associated with the weakening of hair strands. The quality becomes poor, and the strands fall when you touch your hair. You may have homeopathic medicine for hair fall, but before that, you will have to understand the medicinal field and the reason behind hair falls. Hair fall occurs all over or in patches, spots, or small areas of the scalp. There can be different causes of hair fall, and these may include:homeopathic medicine for hair fall

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall

List of the best homeopathic medicine for hair fall:
  • heredity,
  • increasing age,
  • after effects of childbirth,
  • illnesses (high fever),
  • infection (including fungal infection of the scalp, dandruff),
  • autoimmune disorders
  • medicines (anti-cancer therapy),
  • deficiency of nutrients,
  • mental stress,
  • hormonal problems, and 
  • overuse of hair color
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Some related facts about hair fall and homeopathy medicines

  • Dermatologists prescribe medicine for the scalp that helps to stimulate hair growth.
  • Corticosteroids, hair transplants, and laser procedures are a few of the hair fall treatments that are common these days.
  • Homeopathy helps to introduce harmony in the body and acts as the counteract medicine for the particular body part.
  • There are constitutional homeopathy medicines that help to treat the cause of hair loss and promote hair growth.
  • Homeopathy is not taken as an allopathic medicines in large quantities. They are generally preferred in fewer amounts and are said to produce no side effects on other body parts.
There are lots of commonly used homeopathy medicines that may help you with the treatment of hair loss and have been available for human use for thousands of years. Such medicines include:
  • Thuja Occidentalis,
  • Sulfur,
  • Silica,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Nitric acid,
  • Natrum muriaticum,
  • Lycopodium,
  • Lachesis,
  • Kali Carbonicum,
  • Graphites,
  • Fluoricum Acidum,
  • Mercurius Solubilis,
  • Selenium,
  • Phosphoricum Acidum,
  • Mezereum, and 
  • Sepia 

List of homeopathic medicine for hair fall - 

Allen A14 Hair Scalp Relief Drop - 

Homeopathic medicine for hair fallWhere to Buy:1mg.comThis medicine consists of homeopathic ingredients at the level of 3X. The ingredients include mezereum, petroleum, selenium, graphite, and many others. This medicine comes in the form of a "drop bottle" and has key benefits like preventing irritated scalp, dandruff, and redness, and provides strength to root hair and luster to hair strands. Add 2 to 4 drops if you are a child and 4 to 6 drops if you are an adult in ½ cup of water or as instructed by your physician.

German's Scalp Care Drop (External) -

Homeopathic medicine for hair fallWhere to buy: 1mg.comThis is another homeopathic medicine that comes in the form of drop bottles. It is specially designed to prevent the continuous hair fall. This is made of alcohol content that provides a lustrous or shiny appearance to your hair. It helps to fight premature graying and baldness.

Dr. Reckeweg R89 Hair Care Drop -

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair fallWhere to buy: 1mg.comThis medicine helps to fight premature hair loss. It acts as the tonic for the hair strands and helps them to regrow. It consists of homeopathic ingredients like Kalium Phosphoricum, Lecithinum, and Lactuca Sativa, along with the combination of vitamins A, C, E, and K that helps to keep hair healthy and strong. The vitamins and the combination of other homeopathic ingredients or medicines help to maintain the strength of available hair strands and regrow the new strands.

German's Scalp Care Drop (Internal)- By German Homeo Care and Cure Pvt. Ltd.

Homeopathic medicine for hair fallWhere to buy: 1mg.comGerman Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall - This medicine is made with highly potent homeopathic ingredients like Acid Phos, Lycopodium, Jaborandi, Wiesbaden, Alcohol content, and Excipients. Together, these ingredients help fight baldness, give luster to present hair strands, help to regrow the new hair strands and roots, and help fight premature hair loss & gray hair.

Is homeopathic medicine for hair fall the right choice for you?

Like other specialists, a qualified homeopathic doctor will look after the detailed causes of the hair fall. They will let you understand the history and other factors such as age, constitutional medicines, and their positive effect on your body. Additionally, identifying the miasm or weakness of a person against the use of the medicines will help the homeopathic doctor to decide the right choice of medicine. Since there are a variety of causes of hair fall, your homeopathic physician may help you target the disease first. These underlying causes may include hormonal imbalance, mental stress, fungal infection, and autoimmune disorder.
  • Homeopathy also helps you treat the side effects of anti-cancer treatments on your hair or scalp.
  • Homeopathy helps your body be free from the toxic substances available to normal body cells.
  • It helps to improve the general health of any human or any gender. Many studies in medicinal research prove the efficiency of homeopathy and its positive effect on the human body. You may need to stay continually associated or connected with the use of medicines.
  • There are many examples to prove the efficacy of homeopathy. This may include using phosphorus, which is beneficial in destroying the organism causing dandruff on the human scalp.
  • Another example is sulfur, which helps fight dandruff- the prime reason for hair fall.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can heredity be the cause of hair fall?

Yes, if anyone in your ancestors was affected by any disease prevalent in the family for around two or three generations, it can affect you too.

Can merely having homeopathic medicine help me with hair fall treatment?

No, you will be required to have certain dietary changes along with lifestyle changes like avoiding the use of alcohol or smoking, avoiding the use of stimulating drinks like excessive tea and coffee, etc.

I used to dye or color my hair every month. Can it cause hair fall?

Hair fall is caused by the regular change in color brand, coloring combinations, and the color or dye itself. The chemicals in these dyes bring roughness and hair fall to your scalp. If possible, try to dye your hair every six months or yearly. You can dye your hair every four to eight weeks if you are an actress or involved in any entertainment industry.

Is homeopathic medicine for hair fall safe for babies and pregnant women?

Homeopathy is safe to use for any age. Although homeopathy does not produce any harmful effect, we do not recommend you use any medicine (be it homeopathy or allopathy) while pregnant. We suggest you consult your homeopathic doctor first.