Winter is a season we all love because of the cold and the pleasant weather. With this also comes dryness and roughness of the skin. Due to the dry and cold air conditions during winters, skin on the face, hands, feet, and other body parts becomes dry. Winter creams are an effective way to make the skin look radiant no matter what the weather is. Winter creams function like barriers between the skin and the dry environment. This leads to more moisture staying in the skin. Scroll down to our top picks for the best winter cream for dry skin recommended by dermatologists

Best winter creams for dry skin –

Using winter creams, you can enjoy winters and not worry about dry skin. Here are a few dermatologically proven winter creams for dry skin:

#1 Pond’s moisturising cold cream – 

This cream contains glycerin with skin-soothing properties. 

Price – ₹250/- 

  • Pros: Smooth and good moisturising properties.
  • Cons: It is not suitable for all types of skin.

#2 NIVEA Cream – 

It is one of the best and original all-purpose winter creams, making all the dryness disappear within seconds. It has an extra moisturising effect.

Price – ₹280/-

  • Pros: It can be used during any time of the year and has extra hydrating properties.
  • Cons: It is unsuitable for oily skin, and only a small amount can be applied to it.

#3 Himalaya Nourishing skin cream –

This cream makes you feel like you have not applied it (no feeling of oily skin after applying). It regenerates and makes the skin cells healthy.

Price – ₹150/-


  • Suitable for all types of skins.
  • The formula is lightweight.


  • It does not have U.V. protection.

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#4 Lakme peach milk soft cream –

The Best winter cream for dry skin contains the essence of peach, rich in vitamin A, which helps to repair the skin. This cream locks moisture for 24 hours; hence, the skin feels hydrated and smooth for the entire day. 

Price – ₹180/- 


  • Contains UV protection
  • The formula is very lightweight
  • Contains peach giving a fruity fragrance.


  • It is not very nourishing and hence might not be suitable for people who are looking for skin nourishment creams. 

#5 Dove Deep Moisturising cream –

It is a winter cream that is also non-greasy and provides moisture locks for up to one day. It is a very long-lasting and light winter cream.

Price – ₹700/-


  • It has a lightweight formula
  • It is nongreasy
  • It is fragrant
  • Provides a day-long moisturization


  • Need to be nourishing enough for people who want nourishing creams.

#6 VLCC cold cream –

The VLCC cream can nourish extremely dry skin and has a hydrating formula. It gives excellent moisturising properties.

Price – ₹145/-


  • It contains SPF protection. 
  • It has extra moisturising properties.


  • It is not suitable for oily skin.

# 7 Ayur cold cream with aloe vera –

It is the oldest winter cream available on the market. It contains aloe vera, which repairs and moisturises the skin. 

Price – ₹220/-


  • It has aloe vera, which repairs the skin and has a long-lasting effect.


  • It is not suitable for oily skin.

#8 Plum deep moisturising cream –

It is a deep moisturising cream that makes the skin bright and even tone. It is also involved in repairing cells and improving skin health.

Price – ₹430/-


  • It has skin brightening formula
  • It has a skin-repairing and deep moisturising formulation.


  • Quantity is less at the price it is being sold. 

#9 Jovees cream –

The cold cream offered by Jovees will help keep the skin hydrated and helps to get rid of dead skin, and makes the skin brighter. 

Price – ₹180/- 


  • Its packaging is easy to use
  • It is free of paraben


  • Does not have U.V. protection.

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#10 Dabur Gulabari cold cream –

This is a well-known cold cream available in India which contains rose oil, turmeric, and glycerine. It helps to maintain moisture in the skin and removes dryness from the skin. 

Price – ₹80/-


  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • Maintains skin moisture balance


  • It can feel a little greasy when applied.

#11 Mamaearth Vitamin C Winter Cream –

  • Mamaearth Vitamin C winter cream contains vitamin C, which helps repair and renew skin and is also involved in deep nourishing of the skin. 

Price – ₹300/- 


  • It has several nutrients like vitamin C, E, and Almond Oil.
  • Helps to repair and renew the skin from dryness.


  • It may not be suitable for all skin types

#12 Garnier Skin Naturals B.B. Cream – 

It is suitable for all skin types and is enriched with Vitamin C, which prevents dryness and makes the skin look brighter. 

Price – ₹190/-


  • It has SPF protection.
  • Enriches and removes dryness from the skin.


  • The quantity offered is less as compared to other products.

#13 Biotique Morning nectar nourishes and hydrates, moisturising cold cream –

This is the most organic and preservative-free cold cream available in the market. It hydrates the skin during winter and is dermatologically tested for its safety. 

Price – ₹77/-


  • It is free of preservatives.
  • It is purely organic.


  • It contains a scented odour which some people might not prefer using.

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How and when to apply winter cream?

  • There is no right or wrong in applying winter cream. For starters, select the winter cream that suits your interest and is best for your skin.
  • Clean your face, hands, and legs, or shower before applying the cream.
  • Take a small portion of the cream on your palms and dab it on the areas where you want to apply it.
  • Blend the cream using the fingers
  • Gently massage the cream into the skin by moving the fingers in circular motions.
  • Dab off any extra cream using a cloth or tissue

What factors are to be considered when choosing a winter cream?

The best winter cream for dry skin gives you relief from dry skin, but there are several factors that you should consider before choosing a winter cream. They are:

Skin type – 

  • Use a rich, moisturizing winter cream if your skin is dry.
  • If your skin is oily, use a lightweight formulation of winter cream.
  • Use creams with SPF to get protection from harmful sun rays.
  • Use gentle creams in case of sensitive skin.
  • Use a fragrant cream if you wish the cream to be nourishing and smell good too.

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Conclusion – 

Winter creams are an effective way to eliminate dryness and let you enjoy winters. There are a lot of winter creams available in the market which are best for dryness. Depending on your skin type and personal requirements, you should choose the cream that suits you best.

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