The birth control pill is just a little more than half a century old.

Since it came into being, there have been numerous studies that aim to understand whether the pill does more harm than good. These studies have brought to light many factors to look into before you decide to go on the pill.

Like any other medication, the pill has its pros but it also has cons. The pill not only affects the process of conceiving, but they also have much power over a woman’s menstrual cycle. Let’s take a closer look:

Advantages Of Birth Control Pills

#1 Prevents some cancers

Studies prove that women on the pill are less prone to contracting ovarian and uterine cancer.

#2 Effective birth control method

Of course, that’s what they’re made for. They’re good at keeping you from getting preggers.

They have a 90% surety rate for serving the purpose of birth control.

#3 Regulates the menstrual cycle

It may come as a bit of a surprise but a gynaecologist can prescribe birth control to regulate menstrual cycles.

Sometimes, if the pill suits well, it can play a great role in regulating heavy and irregular periods. They are also known to provide relief against menstruation cramps. Disorders related to menstruation like pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder and pre-menstrual syndrome can also be cured with the help of these pills.  Do consult your gynaecologist before you decide to get on the pill.

#4 Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition that affects the uterus and causes severe pain. Birth control pills aid in the treatment for endometriosis.

#5 Ovarian cysts

The pill is also known to have a positive effect on women suffering from recurrent ovarian cysts. They not only subside the condition but also makes them less frequent with time. (Are you suffering from PCOD? Join our Facebook Support Group!)

#6 Acne

Some birth control pills are also believed to make acne less severe.

Disadvantages Of Birth Control Pills

#1 Heart problems

Studies suggest that birth control pills may cause strokes, heart attacks, formation of clots in the blood and other heart complications.

#2 Carcinogen

Ironic right? The confusion continues.

Does the pill cause cancer or prevent cancer? Different bodies show different changes when you’re on the pill. That’s why it is important to consult a professional and not self-medicate. Studies also suggest the pill increases the chances for formation of non-cancerous tumors. These could turn cancerous over time. I know, bummer.

#3 Cholesterol

Birth control pills hike the cholesterol levels in the body making you prone to obesity and hypertension.

#4 Affects the body organs

Birth control pills have an adverse impact on some body organs, hampering their regular functioning. It increases the chances of contracting a kidney, liver or adrenal dysfunction.

#5 Hypertension

The pills are a major cause of hypertension. A severe case of hypertension is also known to cause depression.

However, not all the side effects are applicable to all women. Some women are known to show side effects of the pill while some stay perfectly healthy. Also, not all types of birth control pills suit all women. It may take time to find the perfect pill for you that does not cause any harmful side effects but also serves the purpose.

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