Can A Dietician Help Keep Me In Shape?

The best way to acquire a healthy diet and exercise routine is to consult a reputed dietitian who will give the right advice and suggestions to remain fit.

Can A Dietician Help Keep Me In Shape?
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One of the primary concerns apart from being healthy is staying fit. Staying fit reduces various health risk factors like hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol level, etc. A properly balanced nutritional diet along with an adequate physical routine is crucial for a healthy and fit body.

Who is a Dietician?

Dieticians are acknowledged food and nutrition experts who are trained to study and advise appropriate food and exercise routines to individuals as per their body types. A dietician will look at every individual uniquely; his body type, past and present health factors and accordingly will suggest a particular diet plan and physical routine. Some dieticians are also nutritionists who acquire specialized training in the study of food and nutrients.

Benefits of Having a Dietician

Engaging a registered dietician ensures a unique individualistic schedule that optimizes health. Whether it is a need for fitness, a weight-loss program, a medical condition or simply a health optimization program, a dietician will suggest a program that is tailor-made for your individual characteristics, capable of meeting your specific needs.

On the other hand, an ill-informed diet and fitness schedule may lead to negative repercussions on an individual's body. Fad diets may help in losing weight quickly, but in the long run it weakens the body and makes it prone to health scares.

Safe Passage to a Healthy You

A dietician will in fact keep you up-to-date with the latest research findings, medical discoveries and will recommend a schedule that is inclusive of a healthy diet and physical exercises. This ensures a safe plan and reduces the risk factors since the recommended method is not unproven and is also backed by an acknowledged professional.

A dietician, owing to his/her specialized knowledge in the field may also advise the intake of supplements or medicines that may prove beneficial for optimization of health. Besides advising and charting out a plan of action for you, a dietician also keeps you motivated and eliminates the possibilities of any resistances that your schedule may meet.

It is however, important to ensure that the dietician you are engaging with is a trained professional acknowledged by a reputed institution. It is also important to make your dietician completely aware of your past and present health coditions, your future goals and hereditary health occurrences if any. The dietician will then modify your current food habits and exercise routine or may completely devise a new one, unique to your individual requirements.

Dieticians are also equipped to tackle various medical conditions by suggesting the intake of a proper diet and specific physical routines. Individuals having gastro-intestinal diseases, kidney stone, diabetes, high/low blood-pressure, obesity, etc. may consult a dietician to devise a risk-free and healthy way to eat food.

Staying fit does not just entail going to the gym but a well-made plan encompassing factors like diet, exercise and some dos and don'ts. A dieticians' specialized knowledge in the field of health and nutrition enables them to translate scientific facts into a practical doable exercise.