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Plastic Surgery

This section consists informative articles on plastic surgeries. Click here to view top plastic surgeons in India.

Liposuction – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Liposuction? Liposuction, also known as liposculpture or suction-assisted lipectomy, is a surgical technique to remove unwanted body fat from specific areas of the body. The technique is a form of cosmetic surgery that is mostly done to improve appearance, though it is sometimes carried out to treat health …

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Benefits of Facelift Surgery – Is a facelift for everyone?

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A facelift surgery, medically known as Rhytidectomy is a popular option of face plastic surgery that renders a younger and fresher appearance to your face to make it more supple and youthful. It helps in tightening and firming the facial muscles and tissues with reduced appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles …

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Plastic Surgery FAQ

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What is Plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery that is concerned with the correction of deformities as well as the uplifting of those parts that a person is not satisfied with or wants to improve upon. There mainly exist two types of plastic surgery – cosmetic …

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The Truth About Increasing Baldness

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It’s all around us. There is no escape. From receding hairlines to bristling hairlines to a clean, shiny pate of what once used to be a thick mane…baldness seems to be chasing men and women like there’s no tomorrow. What was known to be an inevitability that came with the …

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Plastic surgery: not only for Bollywood celebs


In recent times, aesthetic surgeries (also called plastic surgeries) such as breast enhancement, nose, lip job or tummy tuck have gained lot of popularity among Indian population. It is no longer the celebs who undergo these procedures but middle class is also not hesitant to go under the knife. Aesthetic …

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Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?

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In today’s say & age, cosmetic surgery has done away with the taboo and is gaining more and more popularity. So much so that in a research conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it came to surface that – more than 11.7 million surgeries were undertaken in …

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Cosmetic surgery: Yes or no?

Cosmetic surgery today is the popular norm. It is an easy, fast and effective way to change what you do not like about your body. Statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, show that this business makes an amazing $10.1 billion in the US annually. 91% of the …

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An insight into Cosmetic Surgery in India

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What is Cosmetic Surgery? In the past cosmetic surgery was considered a taboo, and those who opted for it tried to keep it a secret. But today this form of surgery has become more acceptable in the Indian society, with many trying it out to obtain better results with body …

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Dr. Rakesh K. Khazanchi – Common Cosmetic Surgeries and 3-D Planning at Medanta – The Medicity

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Watch Dr. Rakesh K. Khazanchi, Director Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon, talk about the advances in plastic surgery and specialization in reconstructive microsurgery, plastic surgery of the hands, aesthetic plastic surgery like rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgery like face lift, surgery of the eyelid, Facial plastic surgery, …

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Tackling impetigo in infants


Impetigo is a bacterial infection that affects the skin. It is a common occurrence in children but may also occur in adults who play close contact sports. It is a highly contagious infection and occurs mostly on the face as red sores, especially around the nose and mouth of the …

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5 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You


Dermatologists don’t often reveal everything that they know – they hold back the secrets that can make our skin look radiant and young. And because they don’t share information with respect to treatments and procedures, we have compiled below five secrets that can help you achieve better looking and better …

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Cosmetic Surgery: Getting Rid Of Wrinkles, Moles and Birthmarks

Cosmetic Surgery

What is Cosmetic Surgery? Certain skin issues like wrinkles, cysts, moles and birthmarks are quire common, though they can make a person self-conscious and uncomfortable if these occur on the face or other exposed skin areas. Cosmetic surgery and other procedures allow these markings to be removed or faded, leaving …

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Vitiligo – Not A Simple White Patch

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Skin cells, known as Melanocytes, are responsible for producing skin pigmentation, and giving color to the skin. However, deficiency/destruction/malfunctioning of melanocytes, results in skin de-pigmentation, and occurrence of white patches in certain sections of the skin. Vitiligo refers to such condition of de-pigmented skin. It may localize to one section …

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Face Lift: Surgical Options & Precautions

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Technically known as Rhytidectomy, Face Lift is a surgical procedure, which enhances the look of face and neck, thus giving a more youthful facial appearance. During the procedure, the surgeon, after making necessary incisions, lifts the facial soft tissues, removes excess facial skin, tightens underlying skin & tissues, and finally …

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Improve Skin Complexion in these 11 ways

Who doesn’t want a flawless, soft and perfect skin? A good skin complexion and tone sans the need for any make-up to cover up blemishes. Have you tried enough beauty products but still not achieved your desire? The first thing you have to understand is skin is a mirror to your body. …

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Tattoos Can Be Awesome But..

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These days more and more people are sporting a tattoo to look cool, adventurous or trendy. This has been made all the more popular by the celebrities. Though it may seem an impressive body art but tattoos are also associated with causing skin infections and other health related risks if …

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Teeth Whitening – Are you ready?

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Teeth Whitening or Dental Bleaching is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The whitening procedure restores the natural color of the teeth and bleaching whitens a few shades higher than whitening. Only people with healthy teeth and gums which have no fillings should try Teeth Whitening processes. …

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Nose Jobs in India

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A Nose Job, scientifically known as Rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure which involves reshaping the nose either for restoring its functions or for aesthetical purposes. Depending upon the purpose, a Nose Job may modify the bone, cartilage, or skin of the nose. Generally, it is a safe procedure, but like …

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Are You Ready for Botox?

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Wrinkles are folds or creases in the skin which appear primarily because of aging, skin damage, and repetitive facial movements & expressions. With age, the skin loses its tone & elasticity, and becomes thin & dry, resulting in wrinkled skin. Botox, a purified form of Botulinum Toxin A, helps in …

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