chocolate myths
chocolate myths

Top Chocolate Myths You Need To Know

What is that one thing which kids and adults love to eat alike? Chocolates, of course. No prizes for guessing though. Chocolate is one such thing that attracts everyone. A small bite never does any harm right? But wait, every time you unwrap the delightful sin 100s of thoughts start hovering over. What are these thoughts? And why does it put a full stop to the indulgence.

Top 6 Chocolate Myths Debunked

Let me tell you, it’s not at all surprising to know that all your life you grew up hearing the damage that chocolate does to your body and stuffs like that. And I am sure you all believed it religiously. So let’s debunk the top 10 chocolate myths you heard about (and believed too).

1. Tooth Decay & Cavity

This is the most common myth. Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed a myth. We all have been hearing it since childhood and continue to pass it on to our own children too. You would be surprised to know that, a study conducted in Japan says that cocoa bean help fighting mouth bacteria.

2. Weight Gain

This one is a common myth too. If you are looking at shedding those few extra pounds then chocolate must be on top of the don’ts column. But the truth is, intake of small amounts of chocolate is linked to lowering BMI, even if you eat more calories and exercise less. (National Institutes of Health). So say hello to a chocolate diet!

3. Increases Stress

Wrong! Wrong! And Wrong! Yes, this statement is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, consuming half an ounce of chocolate reduces the stress hormone and make you feel better. So, next time when you feel stressed, grab a chocolate!

4. No Nutritional Value

A highly believed myth, that chocolate lacks nutritional content. In fact, Cocoa has high levels of antioxidants which make dark chocolate a great food to consume. What’s more? Dark chocolate contains minerals, iron, potassium and zinc.

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5. High Caffeine Content

Let’s debunk this one too. Chocolate does contain caffeine, but definitely lower than the caffeine content in your cup of favorite coffee! Though dark chocolate has more amount of caffeine, it is still less than coffee. On an average chocolate bar contains somewhere around 9 milligrams caffeine, a dark one may contain 31 milligrams on an average. However, a cup of your favorite coffee store contains around 320 milligrams.

6. Acne

When it comes to taking care of the skin, our diet occupies a major place. The fat content in chocolates may cause acne outbreaks, but not always. It majorly depends on the skin type and other factors too.

So, the next time someone tells you the ill effects of chocolate, you can straight away guide them into reading this article. This will get the facts corrected and you can enjoy your chocolate bar in peace. Also, don’t forget to spread the information as it can solve the dilemma of many chocolate lovers.

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