Many people in India live around many myths. Myths are nothing but a false belief or idea that people follow blindly. These false facts can have a serious impact on people’s health. Myths have been spread all over social media, which is one of the biggest sources of communicating with the whole world. Unfortunately, we all are also promoting those myths on social media.

Common Myths And Facts Gynaecological Diseases

It could be difficult to find out the truth, but not when you have brilliant experts with you. We approached Dr. Leena Sreedhar from Manipal Hospitals Dwarka to share her views over certain myths related to Gynaecology. Here are some myths and facts:

# Myth 1: If your menstrual cycle is irregular or you have a high insulin level, you must have PCOS

Fact: It is not a necessity that a woman with an irregular period or high insulin level has PCOS. There can be other reasons for it. Hyper insulin anemia can also be associated with other problems. Suffering from irregular periods means that you must be investigated by a professional gynaecologist. It doesn’t mean you are 100 % suffering from PCOS.

So get your check-up done before you reach out to any conclusion.

# Myth 2: Somebody who has had cervical cancer cannot have babies.

Fact: At a very early stage of cervical cancer, certain conservative surgeries can be performed. Under these surgeries, the uterus is not removed. This way the patient can go for a baby. IVF is also being encouraged in such cases. Cervical cancer is not the end of the world.

The main thing is that cancer should be picked up at a very early stage. If it spreads, then the entire womb has to be removed to overcome cervical cancer.

# Myth 3: After childbirth, PCOS is automatically treated or relieved. Is it true? How does childbirth affect PCOS?

Fact: PCOS is not automatically treated or relieved after the childbirth. It is wonderful that a patient with PCOS gets pregnant, as some of the problems like infertility are associated with PCOS. There is a slightly higher chance of abortion in PCOS patients. Generally, in the case of PCOS pregnancy, the patient needs more care and attention. The doctors prescribe more medicines to protect the pregnancy.

But it doesn’t mean that PCOS will get cured after childbirth. PCOS is now been found to be a metabolic endocrine disorder and it will exist with you, in a “come and go situation”. After the delivery, the mother will again face the symptoms of PCOS, like putting on weight, irregular periods, acne and all other symptoms of PCOS.

# Myth 4: IVF requires complete bed rest for the mother.

Fact: No one can get complete bed rest unless they are hospitalized. IVF pregnancy is a premium pregnancy. That’s why the doctor asks the patient to rest. This means that she can do her normal activities at home but she should not do tedious tasks like lifting heavyweight.

# Myth 5: Washing hair on the first day of periods affects fertility.

Fact: There are no scientific bases for this statement. Though it is very important to maintain menstrual hygiene during those 4-5 days. Women should be encouraged to take a bath every day including hair wash, which is very important for our kind of climate, hot and humid. Other than this, there is no co-relation between washing hairs on the first day of the period.

# Myth 6: Every woman get PMS

Fact: There are a few lucky ones who do not get PMS. PMS is quite common in women. It can be mild or moderate. Thankfully severe PMS is rare. This type of PMS needs proper treatment as they can affect patient’s lives in different ways. Mild PMS is available practically in everyone. That’s a part of being a woman.

Women with mild PMS should channelize their energy and thoughts into activities such as yoga, gym, dancing or any other physical exercise. This will help to avoid the feeling of bloating, gas, irritability and even depression. But if the PMS is severe, then instead of ignoring it, do consult your doctor who will help you out to go through those difficult times.


In this post, we have tried to dismiss the myths related to gynaecology. These false facts could be harmful to your health. Instead of blindly trusting any myth, consult your doctor first. According to Dr. Leena Sreedhar, these myths need to be eliminated from the minds of people. So, be aware, be safe.

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This write-up was contributed to Credihealth by Dr. Leena N Shreedhar.

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