Moms from Credihealth’s New Mom Club share their experiences in managing rashes of their baby, and how they found cure for baby rash by majority using clocip powder for babies.

Leave your baby’s perennial area open for some 15-20 minutes or more after every poop. Use a good dusting clocip powder (clocip) and you don’t need anything. My baby developed extreme rashes. I used every medicated cream but nothing worked as good as this precaution and Ramdev‘s mustard oil. Yes! It might pain a little at first but its anti-bacterial property will dry out affected area. And results are visible in just one night. But be conscious while applying, it’s for external use only. – Shruti Mishra 

Touchwood my daughter had never developed rashes. I used to keep her without diapers for few minutes after bath, before putting her to bed and few minutes in evening. You can rub a little amount of Vaseline available for babies before you put a new diaper and that will prevent rashes. – Suchi Smita  

Apply coconut oil in generous quantities at baby’s groin before putting a diaper. No other thing is required. Have been doing it since birth of my lo and till date (he is ten months) I haven’t ever seen a rash. – Kanika Rahul Khanna 

Change the diaper either every four hours or after a pee. after poop it’s necessary to firstly clean with tissue then lukewarm water and mild soap and keep open till completely dry. I apply Vaseline thrice a day and before bath apply lots of oil or clocip powder on genitals. Touchwood my baby boy is 9 months now n 24*7 in diapers without any rash my chicoo diaper cream which I bought after my delivery is barely used only when we got out that’s it. – Soniya Sharma 

Put some antibacterial and anti rashes dusting clocip powder in the diaper every time you use diaper for baby and keep the baby diaper free for some time during the day. I am doing only this since my child is born, he is of 5 months and I never had rashes problem till date…touchwood!! – Sanjini Vishnoi Gupta 

I had c-section delivery, I was admitted in the hospital for six days. In just 2 days I was in recovery so nurses had to change diapers and do the cleaning etc. Since the baby’s skin was extra sensitive, it got rashes. I consulted doc and they recommended EZINAPI anti rash cream..but only using the cream couldn’t prevent rashes. I checked the diapers every hour and to see whether it is clean or not and changed it as soon as I found it dirty. I cleaned my baby’s skin with baby wipes and then with diluted savlon. As skin dried I applied cream and clocip powder for baby. – Babita Pandot 

It’s important to clean the baby genitals with water or wipe every 4 hours, dry with cotton or clean cloth, apply boroline or vaseline petroleun jelly and put a new diaper. There would be no diaper rash. It’s good to keep the baby in cotton panties for sometime during the day in summers to prevent rashes. – Jasmine Garkel Chitkara 

Keep perinatal and vaginal area dry after every pee and pooh.. Apply clocip powder regularly before wearing diaper or langot.. Change diapers every 3-4 hours.. In case rash develops, blot area after washing, air-dry n apply ezinapi ointment.. Wenever possible, keep area open..– Siddhi Shelar-Wadambe

Coconut oil and Mustard oil works wonders..change the diaper every 3-4 hrs. Wash d area with water and keep open to dry. Then apply oil and keep the area open. – Rajni Bidalia 

Diapers are essential for baby’s comfort and mother’s convenience, but it needs lot of care. First and foremost, good brand like pampers active, then application of barrier which will act as the wall of urine n feces from baby’s petroleum jelly or oil and to change diaper in regular intervals. Another tried and tested way is to leave baby diaper free for some time like every morning before bath I leave my little one diaper-free for around one hour..and at night also..before going to sleep..she loves breathes..and in case of any rash..stop diapers ..apply before nappy – Extreme rashes require eumosome M, Another imp thing to remember for baby girls is to always clean from vaginal to perenial area ie from front to back. – Kanika Wadhwa 

Whenever you change a diaper wipe baby’s skin with a wet wipe they dry it n apply coconut oil followed by clocip powder… That works best cure for baby rash.. Make sure you change the diaper every 3 hours. – Priya Ansal 

As per my personal experience – Since the time I’m using absorb dusting clocip powder for every diaper change there is no rashes till that time. I guess it works great for baby’s sensitive skin while they are into diapers. I keep him free from diapers most of the times. Besides hygiene should be well maintained in such cases. – Jasmine D’souza 

1. Don’t let a diaper stay on for more than 4-5 hours
2. Give a breather of few minutes between changes
3. Clean area well with wet wipe or cotton gently n then use towel to pat dry
4. Apply a good rash cream. M using sebamed on the folds generously
That’s my cure for baby rash – Karuna Chauhan 

If diaper is used for too long , baby skin will definitely be affected. These are some precautions which needs to be taken care…Precaution is better than cure. Change diaper with a regular intervals of 5 hours maximum. Wash & Pat baby’s bum dry and then only use the next diaper. Apply regular baby cream or lotion before using the diaper. If baby suffers from diaper rash, Avoid making wear diaper till it completely gets recovered, instead use Cloth nappy or Cloth Diaper…Sometimes the brand also doesn’t suit, so change the diaper brand it might give a relief. Diapers are convenient for both Mother & baby’s sleep. Take these preventative measure for your Happy Baby…- Riji Paul Jeevan 

When babies get rashes stop using diapers and apply mustard oil as home remedy very effective…You can also use ezinapi & rash-free cream available @ chemist shop… – Monika Bali 

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