The Truth Behind Whether Zinc Helps Erectile Dysfunction

Find out the truth about the effectiveness of zinc in treating erectile dysfunction. Learn more about "Does zinc help erectile dysfunction?"

The Truth Behind Whether Zinc Helps Erectile Dysfunction
The Truth Behind Whether Zinc Helps Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when men find it hard to maintain or grow a hard erection. ED may be caused due to several factors, such as low vascular circulation in men, resulting in softer erections. The most common reason for ED in the younger generation is depression and anxiety. In recent times and age, ED is also increasingly being presented due to severe stress and trauma related to daily work and a sedentary lifestyle. For most men, ED is a nightmare and a struggle to overcome. But through modern research and studies conducted on thousands of men suffering from the same, it is highly possible to cure it and improve impotence in men. If you have been scouring the web for 'treatment for erectile dysfunction,' you may have encountered several methods and supplements that could help you overcome this undesirable trait. One such supplement is none other than zinc. in today's article, we will answer the popular question, "Does zinc help erectile dysfunction?" Read on to know more.

What is zinc?

Does zinc help erectile dysfunctionZinc is a naturally acquired metallic element that helps in many bodily functions, such as the metabolism of nutrients, aiding in cell division, production of protein, and increasing testosterone levels in men. Zinc is an essential micronutrient and must be consumed as a part of a balanced diet to ensure that the body functions smoothly. Book an online appointment with the Best Dietary Doctors in India

How is zinc related to the male sexual organs?

The human body naturally contains between 2-3 g of zinc. This zinc is located primarily in the liver, the kidneys, the prostate glands, and the Leydig cells. Despite being a micronutrient, zinc plays a massive role in male sexual reproduction.

Zinc and testicles

The level of zinc present in the male testicles is almost similar to the level of zinc present in the kidneys and liver, which play a role in immunity and metabolism. Zinc accumulates in the testis and is responsible for its growth in size. 

Zinc and prostate

Zinc is highly concentrated in the prostate compared to other body fluids and tissues. Zinc is a significant marker of prostate function. Zinc supplementation therapy is also able to treat men with chronic prostatitis. 

Zinc and testosterone

Zinc is high in the Leydig cells, which secrete and produce testosterone. Low zinc levels can harm serum testosterone levels.

Zinc and sperm function

Zinc is an essential mineral vital in sperm motility, sperm function, sperm shape, and sperm count. These functions are directly proportional to the levels of zinc present in circulation. 

Does zinc help erectile dysfunction?

There are many methods and treatments for your lazy flamingo, and research says that ED can be cured by improving the natural ability to maintain an erection. And consuming zinc is definitely one of them. Zinc helps treat and manage erectile dysfunction in more than one way. Zinc is used to manage ED but is also shown to improve male fertility and sexual function and promote a healthy libido. In a study on young men being fed a low zinc diet, the resulting zinc deficiency in men drastically lowered their testosterone levels by 75% after 20 weeks of a low zinc diet. This data paved the way to establish the importance of zinc in the sexual health of men. After various research studies show that zinc plays a vital role in treating various disorders related to the male sexual organ.

Why should you treat ED with the help of zinc?

There are multiple benefits of zinc in treating ED, such as
  • Boosts testosterone - One of the significant benefits of eating recommended amounts of zinc in the diet can boost your testosterone levels. A high amount of zinc in the Leydig cells stimulates testosterone secretion.
  • Promotes arousal - Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac that is the best source of zinc (approx. 9 mg of zinc per oyster). Eating oysters just before sexual activity can stimulate arousal.
  • Helps maintain an erection - A zinc-rich diet may help maintain a firm erection post-arousal. A diet deficient in zinc was demonstrated to cause erectile dysfunction or softer erections in men.
  • Improves sense of smell - Zinc is found to increase and improve your sense of smell. A heightened sense of smell is known to affect your sexual libido. Therefore, smells, fragrances, and pheromones can increase the chances of arousal and, in turn, your chance of holding a steady erection. 
  • Improves male fertility - Zinc therapy improves sperm density and also improves sperm quality in a single ejaculation. Moreover, sperm motility is highly improved when zinc is consumed normally. 
  • Increases penile thrusting - With healthy testosterone levels circulating in the system, the sexual performance of the male improves, thereby improving the quality of penile thrusts.
  • Prolongs ejaculatory latency - This may be a matter of preference for each individual. But having a healthy penis with above-average testosterone levels and healthy sperm production, the ejaculatory latency may also increase. Zinc promotes healthy sexual reproduction in males. 
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How can you include more zinc in your diet?

The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 10 mg/day. Several staple foods and snacks we consume daily almost always help to meet the required daily amounts. However, it is still possible to fall short of zinc and face zinc deficiency. Therefore, knowing where and how to consume maximum zinc with your everyday foods is essential.
  • Meats rich in zinc - These include oysters, fish, red meat, and lean pork chops.
  • Vegetables rich in zinc - Mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, and kale are high in zinc content.
  • Fruits rich in zinc - Try some Kiwi, apricot, or raspberries to spice up your diet.
  • Dry fruits rich in zinc - In a one-ounce serving, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and cashews contain roughly 3mg of zinc that can be included as a snack in your diet plan. 
  • Zinc supplements - When your diet is limited to foods that do not contain enough zinc, you may speak to your doctor and consider taking zinc supplements.
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What are some risks of zinc?

Since the human body already contains about 3g of zinc, taking too much zinc may harm health. The RDA of zinc is 10mg daily, and the maximum allowed limit is 40mg on any given day. Exceeding this limit may cause nausea, vomiting, and digestive distress. Be cautious when eating zinc-rich foods like oysters. If you take zinc supplements, be cautious about how much you consume daily. Also Read: How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Conclusion -

This blog shows us that zinc and erectile dysfunction clearly have a relationship and answers the question, "Does zinc help erectile dysfunction?" A zinc deficiency can cause a steep downfall in testosterone levels in men and thereby cause erectile dysfunction. Putting in the time and effort to build your health goes a long way. Understanding your body in communication with your partner is essential which is critical for your sexual wellness. There are several ways to manage ED. Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding drugs and substance abuse like alcohol and cigarettes can go a long way. If personal treatment still doesn't work, get an appointment with a specialist to explain the other ways to manage and treat ED. Asking for help and talking about your situation not only helps you but helps your partner enjoy a good, sexually healthy life. Also Read: Common Misconception And Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions

How much zinc must I consume to treat ED?

The recommended daily allowance for zinc is 10mg per day.

Is zinc good for ED?

Zinc is a mineral that is directly related to the proper functioning of the penis, including boosting libido in men. Zinc deficiency can gradually lead to low testosterone levels, low sperm count, reduced libido, or even erectile dysfunction.

Can zinc increase arousal?

Ensuring you meet your Zinc RDA may also ensure healthy arousal while partaking in sexual activities. Studies on the benefits of zinc on male fertility showed that zinc could boost arousal levels in men.

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