Don't Ignore These 10 Cancer Symptoms

It is essential that people are aware of the common symptoms that occur because of the various types of cancer. Here are 10 cancer symptoms not to ignore!

Don't Ignore These 10 Cancer Symptoms
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Cancer is not an easy disease to diagnose. At times, even trained doctors tend to miss the symptoms that are too subtle to be reflected in medical tests. However, if one knows what to look for, cancer symptoms can be noticed at an early stage.

An early diagnosis ensures a more effective and timely treatment of cancer. If noticed the symptoms given below call +91-8010-994-994 and talk to Credi Medical Experts for FREE.

Cancer Symptoms

The basic criterion for detecting cancer symptoms is to pay attention to your body and look out for any changes even though minute. Cancer infests various body parts and any alterations in the way a particular body part looks or works should be reported to a doctor. Some of the common symptoms of cancer are listed below.

1. Breasts

Breast cancer is not only a common occurrence in women but also men. If the skin of and around the breast puckers, there is scaling or redness, nipple discharge or retraction, it is advisable to visit a doctor for a checkup.

2. Unexplained Pain

Pain of any part of the body may be a vague and a false trigger but there is no harm in getting checked and eliminating the possibility of a real health scare. Pain is a definitive symptom of some cancers and thus prolonged or severe pain should be brought to a doctor's notice immediately.

3. Fever

An unusual or unexplained bout of fever may point towards cancer.

4. Irregular Bowel Behavior

Generally, erratic bowel habits are a result of uncharacteristic food intake but occasionally, they are also an indication of cancer. Diarrhea, blood in the urine or stool, change in the urinary habit or any other irregularity in the normal bowel movements need to be reported to a doctor.

5. Weight Loss and Anemia

An unexplained weight loss, increased weakness or fatigue is also a sign to be on the lookout for.

6. Changes in the Skin

Apart from skin cancer, some other cancers too affect the way the skin appears. Excessive hair growth on the skin, darker looking or reddened skin, itchy or pale and yellow skin may also point towards cancer.

7. Sores

Sores in the mouth or any part of the body may be due to an oral or skin cancer. Swollen glands or lumps that are persistent also need to be checked for cancer by a trained medical professional. Some of existing warts or moles may also become malignant over time.

8. A Bleeding Vagina or Testicles

Blood oozing from the genital area may be due to cervical cancer. Persistent itching in the genital area and a change in the skin appearance may be a cancer symptom. Change in the size or development of a lump in the testicles should be checked. Read more: 10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer

9. Pain in the Abdomen

Persistent pain in the abdomen may point towards a cancerous infection.

10. Persistent Cough and Wheezing

If you are suffering from nagging cough and wheezing lasts longer than 3-4 week than this could be the sign of Lung cancer. Read more: 10 Most Overlooked Cancer Symptoms

These signs can be easily noticed by a careful assessment of the body. The earlier the symptoms are detected the easier it is to cure.