Every one of us is going through a tough face, both physically and mentally. While the ongoing health crisis that the pandemic has put in front of us is already too much to handle, the arriving rainy season will give you a hard time staying healthy and fit. Also, many of us are forced to stay indoors for most of the day, which drains us mentally and emotionally. 

To deal with all these situations, you need to follow healthy eating habits, and incorporating a hygienic and safe lifestyle is also equally important. To fortify your immunity, you can start using some essential oils that possess antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and many other therapeutic and medicinal properties. In addition, according to VedaOils some Essential Oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, etc., will help you remain calm and relaxed. In contrast, powerful essential oils like Black Pepper, Turmeric, Holy Basil, and some other essential oils can purify the air and eliminate the harmful viruses and bacteria that inhibit your surroundings.

Rational use of Eucalyptus Oil containing eucalyptol can improve the immune function of the respiratory tract and the body’s immunity. Eucalyptus oil is often used in skincare and hair care. It also purifies spaces and clears the air for improved concentration all day.

Boost Immunity Power during the Pandemic 

Eating well, sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a day, and following healthy habits will maintain your immunity level during these testing times. However, you will also need to boost your immunity power to minimize the chances of falling ill. Exercise regularly and remain positive and cheerful because that will also keep you strong both physically and mentally. 

Essential oils protect you from germs and viruses and improve blood flow, and aid digestion, all of which make you stronger. If you or someone in your family has caught a cold or cough, then you can make them inhale Ginger or any other essential oil that comprises powerful expectorant properties. It will open up their nasal passages and help them breathe freely. In addition, several essential oils fight infection and boost the immune system naturally. Introducing them to your daily healthcare routine can make a huge difference in your overall well-being and immunity!

Note: Essential oils are concentrated in nature. Therefore, you should not forget to dilute them before using them for topical use. 

How Essential Can Oils Be Helpful In Boosting Immunity?

Essential oils are not just healthy for your skin and hair, but they can protect you from all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses by purifying the air you breathe. The antispasmodic and decongestant properties of these oils help you to breathe clean. With growing age, your body’s ability to tackle cold weather, pollution, and weather changes reduces. Essential oils make you feel warm and cozy and minimize headaches, body pain, muscle stiffness, etc. As a result, you become more active that automatically improves your bodily functions and ability to fend off fever and viral attacks. 

If you feel dull and low, inhaling Eucalyptus or any other essential oil with decongestant properties will make you feel better. Or else, you can take a steam bath by adding a few drops of Frankincense or Eucalyptus oil to increase your energy. Some essential oils like Frankincense essential oil promote the growth of white blood corpuscles that enhance your body’s ability to tackle the illness. In addition, essential oils like Neroli, Lemon, etc., will pep up your mood and make you cheerful if you are not feeling happy. Therefore, all the essential oils will make you strong enough to handle any situation with ease. 

Top 5 Essential Oils to Strengthen Immunity 

Rosemary Essential Oil 

Rosemary Essential Oil decreases cortisol and enhances your immunity by protecting you from pathogens that can attack your immunity through the airway. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil will keep you safe from infections and diseases. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

When you inhale Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it will open up the nasal passages and provide instant relief from the cold or runny rose. It also infuses freshness and energy when you feel tired and exhausted. For that, you will have to diffuse this essential oil with the help of an oil diffuser or humidifier. 

Clove Bud Essential Oil 

Clove Bud Essential Oil aids digestion and provides relief from paining limbs and muscles. It also protects you from viral infections, and its powerful antioxidants make it effective against bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. 

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil keeps your blood pressure under control. As a result, you will remain safe from mental issues like stress-free and anxiety. In addition, using Thyme Oil via aromatherapy will boost the positivity of your mind, which will ultimately boost your immunity. 

Oregano Essential Oil 

Oregano Essential Oil is used to treat respiratory infections, and it also supports your immune system due to its antiviral and antifungal properties. It also works as an antibiotic which is the key while fighting illnesses and infections. 

How to use essential oil to boost immunity?

You can either inhale essential oils directly or use them via aromatic baths or massages to remain healthy. Also, using them via aromatherapy can be a good option if you are feeling moody or unhappy. Another alternative would be to mix various essential oils to make a powerful diffuser blend that can eliminate insects, bacteria, and viruses from your surroundings. 

For example, you can make an effective diffuser blend against infections by blending 50 drops of Lemon, 30 drops of Eucalyptus, 13 drops of Tea Tree, five drops of Rosemary, and three drops of Clove essential oils. Now, you can diffuse this blend or use it via steam baths to boost your immunity naturally. 


Using essential oils for immunity is a smart move during a pandemic because they support mental and physical health. Moreover, their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and other therapeutic benefits make them effective against all types of fungi, viruses, parasites, and germs. Therefore, using them would be beneficial in both the short and long run.