Do you buy the first dress that you try on or do you consider a few options before putting your best choice into the cart? We are sure that you have a good look at most options before investing your money.Potential consumers are given a wide range of choices because of the developing markets. Similarly, the Indian Healthcare market is capable of offering diverse options to its consumers aka patients.

But sadly only a few are aware of the number of choices they may have. It is an unsung tradition in Indian society, to engage with limited alternatives from the local markets.

Consider this, your child has caught a viral infection. Before examining the situation, you would rush to your general physician or family doctor. Later it is discovered that the infection was a chronic illness but you continued to seek advice from your general physician. At the end of the day, you get the wrong treatment and a poor medical experience.

The awareness about medical specialities and its variety of options is lacking in our society. So in the wake of such experiences that result from limited options, we bring you to another Independence Day Special – Choice to get a second opinion.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Quick Facts:

  • More Indians die due to poor quality of care compared to the lack of access to healthcare
  • Almost 89% of patients stop visiting a doctor after poor service
  • According to a study, 73% want to save others from bad experiences
  • 95% of people share bad experiences by word of mouth[/box]

Real-Life Experience

Two years ago, I started having physical manifestations of stress. I consulted a psychiatrist near my home who diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She started to give me therapy weekly. The treatment lasted for more than 7 months.

But within 2 weeks after the treatment was complete, my symptoms resurfaced. I felt more vulnerable than ever. The doctor did not have an answer to why I was getting worse each day.

After more than a year, I went to consult another doctor my friend had suggested. I found out that the medical condition I had been suffering from was Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). My medications were changed. But the suffering stretched.

I wasted so much time and energy with the previous doctor. It was the worst experience and made me realize that I needed more help to understand who I need to consult with.

Credihealth Service: Second Opinion

The above-mentioned case is just one example. Health conditions can be confusing. And if one treatment plan fails, the patient beings to suffer from emotional, physical, mental and financial trauma.

Credihealth endeavors to guide such patients in their hour of need. We understand that poor medical experience can scar a patient for life. So in our list of services, we offer the chance of getting a second medical opinion.

Skeptical patients can seek this service to avoid disappointment. The patient only has to fill a second opinion form on our website. Our highly-competent medical experts will contact the patient to personally guide them through their queries and dilemmas. The medical expert will provide a list of recommendations that the patient can choose from.

Not satisfied with your doctor/hospital? Are you little confused about your treatment plan? Get second opinion at one of the top hospitals here

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