Acupressure is a therapy that was developed over 5 thousand years ago as a crucial part of Asian and specifically Chinese medicine. This technique involves a very precise finger placement and applying pressure to those specific points along your body. These points are important since they follow specific channels also known as meridians which are used in acupuncture with an aim of relieving pain. Back, hips and lower back pain are common complaints in today’s world where most population work in front of a computer for hours at a stretch, this trains their back muscles and eyes. Acupressure points for back pain can reduce this pain drastically if applied on a regular basis.

If you are suffering from pain in and around the spinal area then you need to know about the healing capacity of acupressure in order to eliminate the pain completely. There are various types of back pain treatments available in the medical world but acupressure is considered as one of the most effective methods since it leaves no side effects.

What Conditions are Acupressure Used for? – Acupressure Points For Back Pain

It is primarily used for relieving pain, reducing tension in the muscles, improving the blood circulation and promoting a deep state of relaxation. Generally performed by a certified massage therapist and related bodyworkers, but this unique technique can also be learned by taking its courses and performed all by yourself. People can also train themselves in various self-care applications and pressure-point formulas in case of specific conditions. Some of these conditions include headaches, morning sickness, emotional and mental stress, chronic stress and fatigue. Neck and acupressure points for back pain are sought after along with, nausea and even addiction recovery or learning disorders.

acupressure points for back pain

For several centuries Chinese have utilized acupressure points as a part of their beauty treatment procedure in order to enhance the muscle tone and especially increase the circulation in the facial muscles making the face glow and look healthy. Acupressure points for back pain and facial skin can be used to improve the skin condition, lessen wrinkles and get rid of the saggy skin and all this is done without the use of any drugs, medications or through surgery.

Important Acupressure Points for Back Pain:

Acupressure points for back pain, if done the right way (if done in the wrong way it may cause adverse effects on the patient’s body) and frequently in the said spot then not only will your pain go away it will also not come back.

Most Effective Acupressure Points for Relieving Back Pain:

  • Stomach point
  • Lower back points
  • Hip-bone points
  • Knee back points
  • Foot points
  • Hand point

#1. Stomach point:

Stomach Pain: Acupressure Points For Back Pain

This point is a very helpful acupressure points for back pain relief in the lower region of the body. The stomach point is situated under the navel (belly button) which is also known as the sea of energy point. If you want to look for it physically yourself then you can put your two fingers on your belly button and that will be your stomach point for acupressure point for back pain relief. Applying firm and even pressure on this stomach point has proven to be beneficial in reducing weakness of the lower back area while simultaneously strengthening the abdominal muscles and getting rid of several lower back related problems.

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#2. Lower back points:

Lower back points

Acupressure points for back pain in the lower part of the back are situated near the spine. These points on the back are known as the sea of vitality. These points lie at a waist level and the exact place of acupressure is the second and third lumbar vertebrae. Applying the right pressure on the lower back points heals all types of aches, fatigue and sciatica. One should keep in mind that if the patient’s back is weak then this procedure is to be avoided and before getting into a serious and regular back acupressure regime (for acupressure points for lower back pain) one should consult their primary healthcare provider.

#3. Hip-Bone Points:Hip Bone Points

Hipbone points are among one of the most effective places for acupressure points for back pain relief. They are an impactful spot which reduces hip related pains and pelvic tensions. These points are called womb and vitals. Hip-bone points are located exactly in the middle of the base of the buttocks and on top of the hip bone, and applying pressure in these spots can easily and immediately get rid of the back related pains. The acupressure hip bone points are the outer sacrum present in the base of the spine.

#4. Knee Back Points:

Knee Back Points

When finding acupressure points for back pain one shouldn’t forget points at the back of the knee. Knee back points are unique and beneficial points which is a good and extremely effective acupressure points for back pain relief. These points reduce the stiffness in the back and get rid of the knee pains. The location of this pressure point is situated on the backside of knee-cap. This is also known as the commanding middle and applying firm pressure on the center and back of the knee is helpful in getting rid of back pain, stiffened back, arthritis in the knee and hips and sciatica.

#5. Foot points:Foot Points

The acupressure points for back pain relief that is present in the foot reduces back pain immensely. These footprints are divided into two situations which are, foot point while sitting and footpoint while sleeping. Foot-point while sleeping is located in between your big toe and the first toe. Foot-point while sitting is located in the bottom area of the foot. You can apply pressure in these areas and get relief from back pain and severe lower back stiffening.

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Back pain is among the top places for pain in people. Acupressure points for back pain is an extremely effective method that ensures desirable results and gets rid of pain problems for a long period of time without allowing it to come back. Be sure to first learn how to carry out the procedure and then apply it to yourself another wise one may suffer from a long-term disability and chronic pain.

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