There are times when you might have noticed that a person walking down the hallway has swollen ankles as big as their thigh. This not because they are overweight or because they have not been working out. This is because they have a problem of gout which is generally caused due to an increased level of uric acid. Now, if you are sailing in the same boat, you must be thinking of a miracle way on “How to control uric acid through a uric acid diet menu”? Firstly, let us know the Uric acid meaning below.

Uric Acid Meaning

Uric acid meaning is a product which the body forms when it consumes purines which are found in many foods which undergoes the digestive process and is broken down inside the body. After this process, the uric acid travels through your bloodstream and reaches your kidney. Most of it is eliminated from the body in the form of urine but there are instances that it is produced in bulk and it is not fully excreted through urination.

This excess production of uric acid is majorly caused because of two reasons:

  • Either your body produces too much of the substance during the digestive breakdown, or,
  • Your kidneys are unable to filter all of the uric acids out of your body. Either way it is going to pose a major problem since it can lead to kidney stones or gout.

How to control the problem of excess Uric Acid?

To control this problem there is a special Uric Acid Diet Menu which when rigorously followed will show quick results. Besides dietary changes, you can also find ways on how to control uric acid through a combination of diet and exercises. Therefore, regular exercise is another factor which can help the digestive process but the most important thing is the kind of food you consume. For controlling this, you need to keep a check on your purine intake which is nearly 600-1000 milligrams during the day. A Uric Acid Diet Menu will help you limit it to 100-150 milligrams a day.

Now that you know the Uric Acid Meaning and how does it actually happens, we are going to highlight the Uric Acid Diet Menu and later on how to control uric acid through exercises.

Uric Acid Diet Menu

This menu indicates what should and should not be consumed to control an excessive production of uric acid. Therefore, below are the foods to eat and avoid as to how to control uric acid through a personalized uric acid diet menu:

Foods to Consume

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: People suffering from uric should take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water to improve the situation.
  2. French Bean Juice: As much as you cringe at the thought of having it but it is the most effective home remedy which should be taken twice a day which prevents the production of high uric acid.
  3. Cherries: It is not the cherry on the cake that you should take but taken in a good potion since they have anti-inflammatory substance referred to as anthocyanin which prevents uric acid from crystallizing and getting deposited in the joints thereby curing pain and inflammation.
  4. Berries: After cherries, berries like strawberries, blueberries which are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties are super essential in curing the high uric acid content in your body.
  5. Low Fat Dairy Products: Dairy products are believed to increases uric acid content in the body. You can always replace milk with soy or almond milk which is rich in protein, paneer with soya chunks and many more. We are not suggesting you to consume any less, just telling you to alter your diet a little.
  6. Olive Oil: Cooking food with cold-pressed olive oil will help improve your case of gout since it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  7. Pinto beans: Pinto beans contains folic acid which is an important substance to reduce uric acid levels. You can even include sunflower seeds and lentils in your diet to help your case.
  8. Others:
    Apart from the ones mentioned above, fresh vegetable juices, Lime, Celery seed, High-fiber food, Bananas, Green tea, Grains like jowar and bajra and tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli, in particular, can help treat high level of uric acid content in your body.

All these forms an essential part of the Uric Acid Diet Menu. Therefore, if you are worried about how to control uric acid, consume the given products.

Foods to Avoid:

  1. Foods rich in purines: There are numerous foods items that are rich in purines such as bacon, mackerel, sardines, shrimp, veal, venison and yeast extract. These are believed to be one of the major causes of high uric acid in your body since they get accumulated in the body and are not properly excreted. Dairy products lead to high uric acid in your body. Having a vegan uric acid diet can help you reduce the levels of uric acid since it is a diet to be followed without dairy and meat consumption.
  2. Avoid alcohol: As an additional tip, it is advised to avoid alcohol consumption as it increases the purine production in your body and even increases dehydration.

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How to Control Uric Acid Through Exercises

Apart from the uric acid diet menu to be followed on a regular basis, if you combine it with some light exercises then it can prove to be super useful. But do not over exert yourself as the exercises should not worsen the situation. Given below are a list of exercises that you can do to answer your query of how to control uric acid:

  • Range of motion exercises to reduce stiffness and provide mobility to the joints
  • Strength exercises like yoga and tai chi can prove to be super useful. Do not try and attempt complex exercises at the initial stages. Save it for the last.
  • Endurance & Cardiovascular exercises.
  • Basic stretching exercises.

Takeaway: How to Control Uric Acid

Remember to consume plenty of lot of water, nearly 8-10 glasses a day. Eat your food right to give the nutrition required by body and exercise daily. You will not have to worry about any sort of kidney stones, gout or high uric acid content in your body. Uric acid problem or gout attacks are something which can happen to anyone which speaks volume about the kind of lifestyle we are having. It is better to understand and listen to your body at the early stages in order to avoid any sort problems in the future. Do not make healthy lifestyle a one time, instead make it a routine and see the magic working.

Also, if required get the consultations with the best nephrologists near you.

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