“Snowhite’s dwarf, cupcakes, mini packet.” These are some names we designate to short people in the spirit of humour. And though it is all meant for fun, we understand that short height may influence a person’s confidence and self-image. For some, growing taller goes unnoticed, while for others, it becomes a project.

Throughout the steps of this project, a person (aiming to gain height) comes across several views. Everyone wants to tell that person about the dos and don’t, which creates confusion. So based on factual information, we have put together the pieces of the puzzle, ‘How to grow taller’.

Growing Taller: Famous Myths

We will be dismissing the misconceptions about growing taller, that one may come across. Read on.

Myth 1: Pills for increasing the height do not work.

Fact: Pills or supplements that help in increasing height are effective. However, only taking pills may not work for most individuals. It is similar to weight gain supplements. Several factors play a role in positive outcomes. In both cases, a person has to indulge in physical activity and take a better diet to see results.

Myth 2: You cannot expect to grow taller after puberty.

Fact: It is a very common misbelief that height does not increase after one hits puberty. People believe that bones cannot expand in length after a certain age. But, it is, in fact, possible to increase spine length and thus grow taller.

Myth 3: You will stop growing if you lift weights.

Fact: Unlike popular belief, lifting weights does not stop your height. So, good news for all bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, you can still grow taller while lifting weights. The key is to practise specific exercises. Some exercises affect spinal growth and some which do not. Certain workouts promote growth. Talk to your trainer about the same and start the workout routine.

Myth 4: Drinking plenty of milk will promote height.

Fact: Milk is indeed rich in Vitamin D and calcium, which helps in growing tall. It is misleading that only milk can help in growth. Milk is a rich source of nutrients that helps one grow. But, it does not make it mandatory for one to drink only milk. The above-mentioned nutrients are found in a variety of food items.

Myth 5: Exercises for increasing height are not successful, they only correct your posture.

Fact: A proper posture is a must for various health benefits. You will immediately feel a change in your height, as you correct your posture. These exercises encourage growth significantly and help you maintain the right posture.

Myth 6: Only genetic factors determine your height.

Fact: Tall parents have tall children. So yes, genes play an important role in deciding how tall a person may become. But crediting only genetics is not right. Genetic factors are not under control, but many other factors are. These include lifestyle, diet, posture, health, sleep, and hormonal balance. All these factors play a role to make a person tall.

Myth 7: Caffeine hinders growth.

Fact: No, caffeine and especially coffee does not slow down growth. Nonetheless, if the intake is increased beyond normal and is consumed at the wrong time, the height may get impacted. Caffeine may affect the quality of sleep a person gets. During the time a person sleeps, the spine decompresses and elongates in length. Thus drinking excessive coffee can affect sleep and impact growth slightly.

Myth 8: Smoking Cigarettes hampers growth.

Fact: Smoking is bad for health but it does not solely stop your growth. It may slow down the pace at which your tissues and bones repair. This process, in return, will affect your height.

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Myth 9: Diet and height are not related.

Fact: What you eat does not only impact your body weight, but it impacts your height too. Certain foods help in boosting growth hormones. A diet full of protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and magnesium would be helpful.

Simple Tips For Growing Taller

After debunking popular myths, let us also tell you a few ways of uplifting your body’s capability of increasing height.

  • Make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast
  • Get plenty of sleep each night to promote your body’s metabolism
  • Indulge in activities that increase your immunity
  • Maintain a good body posture
  • Eat small but frequent meals throughout the day
  • Make water your best friend and stay hydrated


You don’t have to be your tall friend’s armrest or climb onto their shoulders at concerts for a better view. With consistent work on your body, you can grow as tall as a giraffe (not literally).

The above-discussed misconceptions make way for a clear understanding of what to do and what to avoid. Practising these tips will make you see visible changes in your height.

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