No matter how imperfect they maybe, our breasts make us feel feminine and the fear of losing them to cancer is every woman’s worst nightmare. While some of us may carry genes from our mothers and sisters; some of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle that makes us susceptible to grave diseases such as breast cancer. If you fall in either of these categories, making certain lifestyle changes can cut your risk of breast cancer to a great extent. If you stop doing these things today, it can go a long way in breast cancer prevention. Therefore, below are mentioned certain lifestyle changes or activities will help you answer the crucial question of how to prevent breast cancer naturally.

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  • Smoking & Consuming Alcohol
    This solution would be the easiest and the most common to find on how to prevent breast cancer naturally. No person on the planet will ever tell you that smoking is good for you. You’ve probably told yourself that you’ll quit someday, now you need to make that “someday” – Today! Apart from increasing your risk of various types of cancer, tobacco use makes your skin look dull, makes you lose hair and decreases both your immunity & stamina.
    As far as alcohol consumption is concerned, we can’t always refuse that drink our boss offers us or avoid our best friend’s birthday bash where you have to have a couple of shots; but what you can do is cut your alcohol consumption to a bare minimum. Only drink when you have to, and stop using alcohol to fix your problems, it is not the friend you think it is and can increase your risk of Breast Cancer. Therefore, it’s simple, the next time someone asks you how to prevent breast cancer naturally, tell them to stop drinking and smoking.
  • Being Overweight
    Not being able to wear that pretty red dress is not the only reason you need to control your weight. Studies show that exercising and losing weight could go a long way in preventing postmenopausal breast cancer. According to an experienced oncologist in Gurgaon, ” Fat tissues produce more estrogen, which is linked to both breast and endometrial cancer. So next time you need the motivation to go for a walk or sign up for yoga class, remember what the exercise can do for your health and just go for it! “. Therefore, it’s simple, the next time someone asks you how to prevent breast cancer naturally, tell them to maintain their weight and not to become overweight. Because, being overweight in general, makes you prone and vulnerable to numerous diseases and ailments.
  • Lack of Sleep
    How to prevent breast cancer naturally ? It is simple, every time we have some extra work, there is a party or our favorite football match is on, the first thing we are always ready to sacrifice on is our sleep. But very few people know that a four-hour sleep routine just doesn’t give you dark circles; it can change your body for the worse. Being one of the most common cancers among women, a lot of research has been done on breast cancer prevention. Many of them point out to the quality and hours of sleep affecting the chances of developing the deadly disease. Therefore, it’s simple, the next time someone asks you how to prevent breast cancer naturally, tell them to never skip or disrupt their sleeping patterns and ensure you get atleast 6-7 hours of sleep everyday.
  • Hormone Therapies
    How to prevent breast cancer naturally ? Here is another alternative. According to research, Estrogen-progestin therapy (EPT) can increase the risk of breast cancer. Studies also reveal that patients who undergo hormone therapies have larger tumors in their breasts and they often get diagnosed after they have spread to the lymph nodes. This is common because hormone therapies make mammography less effective for detection of cancer. So if you are already at a high risk for the disease (because of genetics etc.), skipping the hormone therapy can be good for breast cancer prevention. Therefore, it’s simple, the next time someone asks you how to prevent breast cancer naturally, tell them to stop going for hormone therapy.
  • Missing Doctor’s Appointments
    Prevention is always better than cure but if the disease has already started to develop then your best bet to save yourself is to start treatment as soon as possible. For women who have a history of breast cancer in their family, getting genetic testing for BRCA gene mutations could help realize if you have a genetic disposition towards the disease. You should also go for regular mammograms so that if you have developed cancer, you can start treatment as soon as possible. Therefore, it’s simple, the next time someone asks you how to prevent breast cancer naturally, tell them to simply never miss any doctor’s appointment as routine check up helps you to be better prepared. And, as one knows, it’s better to be safe than sorry and precaution is better than cure.
  • Exercise regularly
    Maintaining a regular exercise regimen can play a critical role towards reducing your risk of contracting breast cancer naturally and solve the problem of how to prevent breast cancer naturally. So, don’t sit back and laze around the entire day, get up and exercise at least for an hour daily. You don’t have to undertake a traditional exercise regime i.e. running everyday, but you can get yourself involved in activities such as dancing, swimming, sports etc. Do whatever little you can to keep yourself healthy and fit and what works best for you and your body and can give you lasting results. You can consult with an Oncologist for the treatment of breast cancer.

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