Our feet do a lot of work rather than just helping us to walk. Be it walking, stretching, standing, or exercising, our feet help us put our long hours into any work. Sore feet from standing all day long become common after you perform any strenuous exercise. There are many ways to reduce the soreness or soothe the tired feet at home. In general, you can work in collaboration with your doctor at Amri Hospital Salt Lake to discuss things. Your doctor may help you with the ways to rejuvenate your feet and whole body. Many methods can help you relieve pain from sore feet over time. You can try any of the following methods. However, you may need to understand that these are general methods, which may take time to make you feel better.

Take a foot bath

A warm foot bath can help you alleviate your foot pain. You can add a little Epsom salt to the foot bath and relax. This will help you relieve sore muscles, reducing swelling in your feet. You can find many products that can be used during foot baths including special soaps, etc. if you do not find any reliable product, you can simply add baking soda, but make sure that it does not react with your skin. Else, you can use an Epsom foot bath by adding a small amount of Epsom salt to the tub. Soak your feet into the tub full of Epsom salt water mixture for at least 20 minutes.

Do some stretches

You can try some small stretches to give instant relief to your feet. Target one area of your feet like your toes or heel. These exercises can help you prevent cramping and will help you promote flexibility.

  • Try to flex your toes, curl them, point them and do a little massage on the toes. Repeat this type of exercise with each toe at least 10 times.
  • Warm your feet by sitting down and extending your legs. You can try to move your toes in one direction. Point your toes and extend your feet along with your legs in the extended direction. Move your ankles in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • You can also try to stretch your heels by shifting your body weight on your heels instead of your feet. Try to make a shift from your heels to your toes. This will help you prevent cramping and will reduce swelling. While performing this exercise, stand still on the floor.

Strengthen your feet by performing certain exercises

Even if you feel a little pain in your feet, try to maintain flexibility. Try walking and exercising while keeping your feet still. Avoid engaging in a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you walk enough and keep yourself active. Walking is the best exercise that can help you maintain the flexibility of all body parts. Despite this, you can also try some resistance exercises that may help you prevent future soreness. For this, you can use a resistance band to pull your feet. You can also use your body weight to perform resistance training.


  • Try an Achilles stretch while standing still against a wall
  • Try to pick up marbles with your toes.
  • You can perform this exercise: pull a towel from the floor with the help of your feet while being seated. This will help to stretch your arches.
  • Attach a resistance band to the foot and the piece of furniture. Try to pull your feet through the resistance band so that it cradles to the top of your foot. Pull your foot towards you and hold for a few seconds. Repeat this several times with both feet and stretch the heel. This makes one of the best exercises to prevent sore feet from standing all day.

Get a foot massage

If you are not at a stage to perform exercises or stretches, you can get a foot massage. This will help you maintain blood circulation and will also help you reduce soreness. Sit down on a comfortable chair and rub or knead your feet. Pull apart and bend your toes to massage them. If necessary, you can also use oil or any kind of lubrication cream which can help you to make it easier to stretch. If you are not able to massage your feet, you can also take the help of a foot roller. This will help you stand for another few seconds on the floor!

Get some arch supports

Arch supports, or orthotics can help you keep your feet stable while you are performing your work. You can purchase arch support shoes or slippers from any nearby store. They can help you eliminate foot pain and improve the overall functioning of your foot.

Try to switch your shoes

If you feel constant pain in your feet, then your shoes or slippers can be the culprit for this. Also, wearing slippers or shoes beyond their life span can hurt your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes, small-sized shoes, and incorrect shoes that are larger can impact the health of your feet.


  • In general, the sneakers wear out after you walk 400 to 500 miles. After this, they do not provide the correct amount of support that you should get.
  • If you are weaning high-heels or shoes for a long time or the whole day, they can become the reason for your foot pain.
  • You can change your shoes every 3 to six months or after they start wearing out. Try to change the brand of shoes. Some brands provide arch-supporting shoes that can make it easier to move along with your painful heels.

Provide an ice compress therapy to your feet

Icing or heating the body part when it is in pain is one of the traditional methods. You can apply ice to your sore feet. You can either use a plastic bag or ice bag or directly apply the ice to remove soreness. Try to put ice on your feet for at least 5 to 15 minutes. It will help you reduce inflammation and will give you a feeling of freshness, making the feet smell good for a longer time.

Try taking a pain reliever

Sore feet from standing all day can affect your whole body. It can lead to whole-body pain instead. You can try over-the-counter medications and get some instant relief from swelling and inflammation. Medications like acetaminophen can help you target the pain while other steroids like ibuprofen and naproxen can help you reduce inflammation. You can try using these medications for a few weeks to continue with the pain-reducing therapy. It is advisable to consult the doctor once before having any kind of medication. The doctor may help you with the choice of the medications and the course of medication.


If you are going through some serious issues, it is better to reach out to a nearby doctor. Contact your doctor:

  • if you feel constant pain for at least two or three days
  • have got a swollen foot because of constant pain
  • having an open wound on the foot can develop the chances of infections
  • if you cannot walk or if you suspect any broken bone in your foot.

Sometimes, you develop severe foot pain because of some underlying disease like diabetes. It is one of the symptoms of a high-glucose level that leads to pain in limbs and creates problems like indigestion.

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