5 Important Things You Have to Know About Baby Hair Care

Baby Hair Care: You have to be too careful when it comes to taking care of your baby. From the head to toe, you should be extremely attentive to caring for your kids body.

5 Important Things You Have to Know About Baby Hair Care
5 Important Things You Have to Know About Baby Hair Care
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You have to be too careful when it comes to taking care of your baby. From the head to toe, you should be extremely attentive to caring for your kid's body. But you can master baby hair care so that would be one less thing to be unsure about. Here, five important things are listed that you need to know about kid's hair care. After reading this article, you'll know enough practical steps that you can use when growing up a baby.

1. Why Some Babies Are Born With Hair

The main reason why some babies are born hairy is genetics. A person's DNA will determine eye color, hair color, and other physical characteristics. It will also identify if a baby is going to be born with hair or not. That trait might be something that the baby got from one of its parents. Another major reason why some babies are born with hair is the level of hormones that they were exposed to in their mothers' womb. In fact, all women will experience increasing the hormones in their bodies during pregnancy but some will have higher hormone levels than others and that causes babies to be born with hair. Now, don't worry if your baby was born with hair and now he starts losing it. Most babies will go through a period of cutting down on their hair and it can happen suddenly from weeks to months after their birth. All babies get a thin layer of hair while in the womb. That hair is meant to protect their skin from the amniotic fluid. Most babies will shed that layer of hair before birth although some will be born with it. A baby receives hormones from its mother while in the womb. After birth, that supply of hormone is cut off, so the extra hair is going to be shed by itself. Now in regards to bald spots, spending too much time lying on the back is a reason why babies might get a bald spot and it shouldn't be a cause for alarm.

2. Changing Hair Color

A baby's hair can change during the first two years. Sometimes, the metamorphosis can even happen when the kid grows up. The change can affect the color, the thickness, style, and other aspects of the hair. A baby can be born with straight hair first and get it curly later on. Others are born with blonde hair first that turns into a different color soon after. There's nothing wrong about that. [caption align="aligncenter" width="578"]Baby Hair care Image by Kaloriya[/caption]

3. When Permanent Hair Starts to Appear

Once babies are through with the initial hair loss period, a new type of hair should start growing. They will form a layer of light-colored hair known as vellus hair and they will grow throughout their entire childhood. Baby hair may appear during the sixth months but it depends. It could be different in your case, so it might appear as early as the third month or it may be as late as the 18th month. Now you know there should be no reason to be anxious about if you don't see any progress in your baby's hair growth.

4. The Right Method for Washing Baby Hair

Many first-time parents have a challenging time figuring out how to wash their baby's hair properly. The good news is that it's not complicated at all. It's more or less the same process that you use for washing your own hair. Here are the tips that you should follow:
  • Prepare a warm bath for your baby. The temperature should be around 98 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pick up your baby while holding a hand firmly behind her head. This is needed to support your baby's neck and head.
  • Use a small cup to pour water on your baby's scalp.
  • Start lathering shampoo on your baby's head. Make sure that you are using a shampoo that was specially produced for babies.
  • Be careful when you start rinsing the shampoo from your kid's head using your hand and water from a small cup.
That's how easy it is to wash your baby's hair although it is understandable why parents can be worried, especially if they are doing it for the first time. The important thing as with any interaction that you have with your baby is for you to be extremely gentle. Here are some additional points to remember when washing your baby's hair:
  • You need to use shampoo on your baby's head even if he doesn't have hair.
  • Shampooing should only be done two to three times a week.
  • Dry your baby's head right after shampooing.
  • Use a special baby brush after shampooing smoothly combing the hair.
Just remember these tips when you are bathing your baby and everything will be fine. [caption align="aligncenter" width="557"]Baby Hair care Image by Maria Sbytova[/caption]

5. When Is the Right Time To Cut Your Baby's Hair

Another thing that brand new parents might worry about is when to cut the baby's hair. This shouldn't be a problem since there is no rule. You can cut it whenever you want. Although there is no restriction as to when you should make a new baby's haircut, you have to remember that babies are hard to sit still and you cannot give them instructions. So, maybe you should put off cutting your baby's hair until he is older and you're able to deal with it, or until you feel it's necessary. Keep in mind that your kid has very sensitive skin so you need to be extremely careful when cutting his hair.


Just follow these tips when it comes to caring for your baby's hair and it will go fine. The main point is to remember to be very gentle whenever you are shampooing your baby or making a haircut. It doesn't matter whether your baby arrived with hair or not, the important thing is that you know how to treat him properly. Read About: #LadiesAndBabies: Newborn Baby Massage - All You Need To Know

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