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#LadiesAndBabies: Post Pregnancy Diet for New Moms

Your happy place, throughout your pregnancy, may have been your fridge. Blame that on the cravings and food swings that expecting mothers experience very commonly. But now that you have delivered, you may want to watch what you eat. Post pregnancy diet is crucial for weight loss and maintaining your and your baby’s health.

Since you would be breastfeeding your little one, a diet plan after delivery becomes a must-have. This article looks at the post pregnancy diet for mothers as the next part of LadiesAndBabies.

What should a Post Pregnancy Diet Have?

If you think that a nutrition-based diet is only necessary when you are pregnant then you may want to rethink. As you now know that you have been through tremendous change overall, what you eat after delivery becomes of equal importance. Here are some superfoods to include in post pregnancy diet for mothers:

Fruits and vegetables

Green leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits should make the top food in your post pregnancy diet. Try to fill at least half of your plate with fruits and veggies. Also, keep your plate as colourful as possible with a range of different items.


You may consider salmon as the best food for your brain’s growth. It is a type of fatty fish that is rich in DHA. DHA is found to be of great significance for a child’s brain development. This food also helps in uplifting mood and calms the effects of postpartum depression.

Low – fat dairy products

Your baby will develop its bone strength through breastfeeding. So the more Vitamin D and Calcium, the healthier your baby will be. Your choices for dairy include milk, yoghurt, cheese and more. You can easily include these in your diet plan after delivery. It will also be beneficial for you as you will restore your calcium intensity.

Lean meat

We understand that there has been a change in your life and you are almost always tired. You can upgrade your energy and boost your mood by adding lean meat to your diet. This food item is a great source of iron, protein and Vitamin B12. If you want to add a healthy snack to your diet, you can make your own biltong, it is also a great source of iron,  zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-12.


Even when you wish to shed the extra weight you have put on, you will require wholesome carbs to stay healthy. Blueberries are an excellent option.

Brown rice

Brown rice can be effective in monitoring body weight. It will provide you and your baby with enough calories and help you with milk production.


One of the most common Indian dishes is pulses aka daal. You can choose from a wide range of pulses and they are all filled with proteins. Pulses provide a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins too.


A basic ingredient found in every Indian kitchen, turmeric has great healing powers. It is beneficial. New moms should take it in moderate quantities though.

Finger millets

Finger millet is popularly known as ragi in India. It is a considerable component of the post pregnancy diet for mothers. Ragi has an abundance of calcium and iron. This food item helps in retaining the lost strength during pregnancy.


Dry fruits are thought of as a brilliant option for snacking at any time. Your diet plan after delivery should also include almonds (either in a dish or as it is).


Your body’s daily protein demand can be easily met with eggs. You have the choice of making scrambled eggs, omelettes or boiled eggs, among other options.

Ginger and garlic

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Inside of adding raw ginger in your meal, try to opt for dry ginger powder and benefit from staying away from gastric problems. Garlic is very useful in strengthening the immune system.


Your dadi or nani must have told you or served you this food item. Panjeeri is widely prominent among pregnant and new mothers in India. Panjeeri is made of all the rich food items consisting of dry fruits, ghee and more. It is good for boosting the mother’s metabolism.

Whole-wheat bread

Whole-wheat is a better option for promoting mother’s breast milk nutrients. It has a sufficient quantity of folic acid. Your intake of iron and fibre increases with this bread.

Whole-grain cereal

Body’s essential need for vitamins and minerals can be met by this breakfast option. You can opt for oats, upma or khichdi.

What should a Post Pregnancy Diet NOT have?

Speaking of a complete diet plan after delivery, we should not miss out on the food items to be avoided. Given below are few products to be excluded:

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Post-Pregnancy Diet Tips

Dietary changes are a part and parcel of life, especially around and during pregnancy. While you bear in mind the foods to eat and the ones to avoid, also note the following tips:

  • Eat a variety of food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Lose weight safely, avoid taking diet pills
  • Choose prenatal vitamins

The Takeaway

A new journey begins when you experience childbirth. It is not just that your baby is born, you also start a new journey as a mother. Your post pregnancy diet is one way to ensure your health, along with your baby’s.

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