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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Factors to Consider For Better Life After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric weight loss surgery is an essential process to set tone for a healthy life for obese patients. However it alone cannot benefit the patient since it is not a permanent cure to obesity and good aftercare and lifestyle changes can make sure that the effect is long term.

Life after Bariatric Surgery, check your diet plan & other factors are mentioned below:

Your post-surgery diet

Post-surgery you will have to follow a diet plan, which will initially be composed of fluids, followed by soft foods and pureed foods and eventually following regular foods. The diet plan will take care of all your nutritional needs and would give your body enough time to accommodate the changes that have been introduced through the surgery.

You must note that a good amount of fluid intake is advised to avoid dehydration, flatulence constipation, and buildup of kidney stones. Dehydration might also lead to readmission hence carrying a bottle of water or fluid is advised wherever the patient goes.

Your surgeon might also prescribe few medications that will take care of your micro-nutrient and mineral needs. These include calcium and vitamin D supplements, iron supplements and multivitamins medicines. The patient should understand that the surgeon will advise these supplements to be taken on a lifelong basis.

Daily diet would essentially be designed to take care of your medical condition, type of surgery and your routine activity level. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy dietary choices ensure best results for health and maintaining quality of life after bariatric surgery.

Proteins form an essential part of the diet, however excessive consumption of carbohydrates, starchy foods like breads, pastas and refined cereals will be restricted and intake of sugars, processed foods and sweetened foods is not at all advisable. Post this surgery, maintaining an adequate amount of protein is essential to assist metabolism as well as maintaining the muscle mass during the vigorous weight loss program. Maintaining the suggested levels of proteins in the diet will prevent you from getting frail.


Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and coronary heart disease might feel better post this surgery since they have eliminated the excessive weight, which has been the underlying cause for many of these diseases. Few of the medications might be changed post-surgery and initially larger tablets or capsules may not be recommended.


Maintaining an active lifestyle is very important for long-term weight management. Physical activity needs to be built upon gradually and must be made a part of the daily routine.

Sleep and Stress

A healthy sleep pattern ensures successful weight management. Bedtime routine is as important as diet routine. Practicing mindfulness while eating and routine meditation and yoga all ensure stress-free life and are very beneficial. If you have any query about “Life After Bariatric Surgery“, contact us at +918010994994.

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