What are Coronary Heart Disease risks?

Coronary Heart Disease, also termed as CHD in medical terms is the condition where the plaque, which is waxy a substance covers the internal lining of the coronary arteries. The primary functions of the coronary arteries, is to supply oxidized blood to the muscles of the heart.

After consulting some of the cardiologists in India, we found that there are numerous risk factors of CHD. Main factors which lead to CHD are: Tri-glyceride levels and increased blood cholesterol levels.

The factors which might be responsible for this include:

  1. Increased blood pressure levels
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity and High LDL levels in blood
  4. Excessive smoking
  5. Insufficient physical mobilisation
  6. Careless and Unbalanced food habits
  7. Anxiety and stress

But according to one of the top cardiologists, all of the above-stated risks can be controlled; however, some factors like heredity, gender and age cannot be controlled. However, in spite of the embedded genetic patterns, one can still keep it checked if they monitor their diet and lifestyle.

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Precautions that one can take, in order to reduce the risk factors of CHD are:

  1. Taking a balanced diet, with low saturated fat content.
  2. Taking diet which contains more roughage and fiber and which has less starch.
  3. Avoiding smoking and excessive drinking
  4. Regular exercise
  5. And finally, staying happy, and balanced

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This article was reviewed by highly experienced and renowned doctors at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

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