Masturbation is when one touches himself in the genitals in order to sexually arouse himself. It is done by both men and women, alone or with a partner. The general belief is that masturbation is done by people who do not have an active sex life but the truth is that masturbation is an activity done by everyone including people who have an active sex life. So, let us know try to understand the masturbation effect on health.

Masturbation is not a Sin

It has been seen through time that there has been lot of misconceptions over masturbation. It was considered taboo in the 18th and 19th century and regarded as a mental issue of a person. But the perception has changed over time and masturbation is now considered to be a normal, natural and healthy activity done in private. It is now accepted as an activity which is not only pleasant but also safe.

Some of the common reasons why people indulge in masturbation are:

  1. Masturbation enables one to give pleasure to himself and feel a sense of happiness through the release of endorphins in the body.
  2. It is a means to release stress and built up sexual tension.
  3. It allows a person to get to know more about his own body and desires.

Masturbation Myths

Most people presume that masturbation affects health in more ways than one. Therefore, let us try to first debunk the myths around masturbation effect on health – Some of the misconceptions and myths about masturbation are:

  1. It causes acne, blindness, insanity or excessive hair growth.
  2. It causes injury to the genitals.
  3. It affects a man’s sperm count and makes him infertile.
  4. It causes one to lose their virginity.
  5. It causes erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation Effect on Health

The truth is that masturbation is not a bad thing. It is now accepted as an expression of sexuality for both men and women. However, there are its pros and cons. Let us discover the effects of masturbation on health or the positive and negative masturbation effect on health.

Masturbation Effect on Health – Benefits

Research studies over time have enlightened people to understand the positive effects of masturbation on health. Given below are a few of the benefits of masturbation:

  1. It reduces stress in a person.
  2. It releases sexual tension especially from a person who does not have an active sex life.
  3. It helps to sleep better.
  4. It provides relief to menstrual cramps and muscle tension.
  5. It helps improve one’s self-esteem and body image.
  6. It helps strengthen muscle tone in one’s pelvic and anal areas.
  7. It helps treat sexual problems.
  8. It helps one to know and understand their sexual needs.
  9. It helps in boosting one’s mood.

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Masturbation Effect on Health – Side Effects

It is a known fact that too much of everything has its harmful consequences. Here are a few of the side effects of masturbation on health:

    1. There is a sense of guilt and shame associated with masturbation due to age-old traditional belief based on culture and religion that it is taboo. This has led to the belief that masturbation is a despicable thing which should not be encouraged.
    2. Some people become addicted to masturbation and spend a lot of time doing it which disrupts their daily life activities. It also affects their social life and relationships as they prefer being in their own company rather than spend time with family and friends.
    3. Sometimes masturbation can affect a man’s sensitivity during sex as having a tight grip on one’s penis can decrease sensation.
  1. Too much of masturbation can cause not only fatigue in the physical and psychological sense but it can also cause lower back pain along with pain in the pelvic area. There can also be a pain in the groin and the testicles. It also makes one’s genitals sore due to excessive masturbation.
  2. Masturbation also affects the sexual life of a couple as getting an erection or achieving an orgasm is not possible without masturbation.


Masturbation is not a harmful activity unless it is done excessively. Moderation is the keyword that a person should keep in mind while engaging in masturbation. Henceforth, we presume that this article on “masturbation effect on health i.e. effects of masturbation on health” makes things clear to the people out there. Feel free to talk about, sexual health, diseases, or any health condition you face to the Best Sexual Dysfunction Doctors in India.

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