Let’s face it, none of us would want our parents to be reading this article. What with them already reigning down on you about mobile addiction, this would be like throwing gasoline to the fire. This piece of news comes from the UK where a research was published claiming to relate brain tumors with mobile phone usage.

The research was found in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health. It speculated that radiation coming from the phone may be causing brain tumors in people of all age. Is it true though? Can a phone really cause a brain tumor? Let’s find out.

Mobile phone causes cancer

What Is All This Noise About?

So a research was published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health which claimed that the rise in the number of reported brain tumors in people from all age groups in the UK could be because of smartphone usage. Here’s the breakdown of the claim.

  • The research used the data for England in which a total of 79,241 malignant tumors were reported between the years of 1995 to 2015.
  • The research says that the cases of a fatal tumor by the name Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) has doubled over the years.
  • The reason they related this rise was to increased smartphone usage over time.

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Are These Claims Of Phones Causing Brain Tumors True?

You are probably biting your nails by now wondering if these claims are true because if they are then gone are the days of Candy Crush and gone are the days of late night texting. But hold on to your horses, or phones in this case, because the research has been met with criticism by many British academics. Here’s what we uncovered.

  • The academics said that the research does not directly link the radiation emitted by phones to the increased number of brain tumor cases.
  • The only thing it does is speculate all the possible causes such as radiation without providing any factual data.
  • The research provides no evidence which could link usage of smartphones with a brain tumor.
  • The research takes the data and provides the possible risk factor which can lead to a brain tumor.
  • Scholars like Andrew Sharrocks (professor of microbiology at University of Manchester) and Paul Pharoah (professor of cancer epidemiology at the University of Cambridge) said that the research was all but misleading.

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Take Away

Now you can put your doubts to rest because the claim that phones could cause brain tumors is all but a speculation with zero evidence backing it. While this is good news, you should still not take this fact for granted because you may not be at risk of brain tumors but there are still many problems related to a smartphone which is why mothers are always breathing down our necks regarding this matter. Keep your smartphone usage limited to only for the necessary times.

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