Obesity counselling is proven to be very beneficial for those who are overweight. It provides support, guidance and encouragement to the individuals for overcoming the problem and improving their quality of life. Counselling is an effective way to acknowledge and understand the various factors that are adding to obesity. It helps people to take measures that help them achieve and sustain right weight for a life span.

Proper counselling for obesity highlights the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for weight loss and maintenance, apart from identifying any other factors like genetic and environment that are becoming an obstacle.

Framework for obesity counselling talks about five interventions that can be done to help obese individuals lose excess fat:

  1. Ask them about their thoughts and concerns about the weight.
  2. Advice them to change their specific behaviours and set goals like eating breakfast, getting enough sleep, not eating meals in front of TV etc.
  3. Assess the patient’s risk factors, current behaviour and motivation to change.
  4. Assist them in addressing barriers, building support and staying motivated.
  5. Arrange for follow-up and measuring changes in weight.

Elements of proper counselling for obesity

Effective counselling has to go beyond ‘Eat-Less, Exercise-More’ cliché. Here is what proper counselling should highlight:

  1. Best therapy for the obese person depending on his personal profile and the severity of the situation.
  2. Encourage them to seek timely help.
  3. Devise a useful diet and exercise plan.
  4. Monitor the effectiveness of the plan.
  5. Help to identify the obstacles and ways to overcome them

Proper counselling helps obese individuals realize that weight loss is a slow and gradual process that requires hard work and commitment. So, one has to be strong and patient to follow the right weight loss plan.

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