Experience 1- Priya, 30

Little did priya know that the mild pain she was experiencing since days will suddenly aggravate one morning. It was so unbearable that she almost started screaming, and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was pain in her lower abdomen radiating to the back on the right side. She could not lie down or stand straight. The doctor started with IV analgesics and sedatives just to reduce her pain. Later in the day, investigations including blood test and ultrasound were done.

Ultrasound revealed multiple cysts in the right ovary and a stone in the gall bladder.

The doctors knew the pain was not caused by the gallstone, as that pain is localised to the left side of the abdomen. Blood tests for follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and insulin levels were also done which indicated raised levels for luteinising hormone and insulin. The follicle stimulating hormone was normal.

Although Priya had gained 5 kgs in weight all of a sudden along with irregular menstrual cycle, she never suspected that it could be due to Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Her high levels of stress over the last 3-4 months were responsible for this condition. She was trying very hard to balance her work and personal life and this took a toll on her health. The stress was affecting her life as she constantly felt depressed and unhappy. She turned to junk food and chocolates to snap out of her depression.

The stress and mood fluctuations combined with her unhealthy diet affected her hormonal level resulting in weight gain and depression.

Her doctor advised her to start with 20 minutes of yoga every morning and evening and to stay active throughout the day. She also took up a part time job to balance her work and family life. She was advised metformin to regulate the sugar levels and oral contraceptive pills to relieve the right ovary of its workload.

It is critical to get PCOD diagnosed at the earliest, failing which could lead to complications. Priya was fortunate to get the right medical supervision and care at the right time. She is leading a normal life df today.

Experience 2- Saachi, 23

While getting a pelvic ultrasound done to detect a kidney stone, by chance she discovered she had something known as PCOD. The attending doctor at the time termed it as ‘nothing serious’ and paid no heed to it. Thus she took the matter very lightly, neglecting the fact that it could get worse. For one year, lots of junk food was consumed, no physical activity, excessive intake of chocolates, life was taken easily.

Gradually and meanwhile, acne became a cause of concern, (Acne is one of the prime symptoms of PCOD) which led to her realizing that it was an outcome of PCOD.

Insulin serum diagnostic test results, which were way out of range, proved this. After attending to the problem, she started noticing several other symptoms such as hair fall, facial hair, constant headaches, regular but scanty menstrual cycles. Her doctors, both the gynecologist and dermatologist prescribed strict diet restrictions, a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day, minimal intake of sweets, alcohol and any food that tastes good. By default, this affected her social life as well, less interaction with friends.

Additionally, metmorfin, oral contraceptive pills were also prescribed. The doctor also told her dad to get her married sooner than later, as infertility problems may arise if the problem develops to become worse. As it is, the problem had already gone from mild to moderate. Charged up by the advice given by all the doctors, family, friends, she took up an hour of yoga everyday and tried her best to control sweet cravings. After a month, it started showing results, acne got better and she developed some hope, that with constant discipline, the situation can be controlled. Now in her case, the presence of acne drew attention to the matter but in many, direct symptoms do not appear.

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