Dengue fever is flu spread by the bite of a mosquito and could be caused by any of the dengue family viruses. This fever is also called as ‘break bone fever’ due to the severe joint pain occurring due to this disease. The most effective way to prevent yourself from this disease is to protect yourself from any mosquito and stale water.

For anyone who has suffered from dengue or is going through it already is on the stage wherein the platelet count is at a still not going down further is an indication that the body will start to now go on a recovery stage but you still feel that your body is not ready for it. It is very important to understand that the post dengue symptoms are very common amongst everyone and is known as post-viral fatigue syndrome. These 5 tips will surely help you with a faster recovery from the same.

How To Take Care Of Yourself After Dengue

Here are 5 ways which will help you recover faster from the dengue virus.

1. Well Balanced Healthy Diet

While one suffers from this disease your body starts lacking many essential vitamins and minerals so it is very important to refill your body with all the vitamins, proteins and minerals which will help in faster recovery. Oily and junk food should be strictly avoided since it may prove harsh for your digestive system. Consuming juice of papaya leave is considered to be one of the best home remedies for a quick recovery. For all the non-vegetarians there are no such restrictions on fish and egg accepts the red meat. Make sure the food is not very spicy and oily, rather prefer having it cooked in minimum oil or blanched.

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2. Stay Hydrated

It is very important to not let your body get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water. If having plain water gets difficult throughout the day you can have fresh fruit juices avoid canned juices. Having orange juice is more effective since it is rich in vitamin C and also help the body in iron absorption, coconut water can also be taken. As far as the home remedy for recovery is concerned consuming goats milk is also very effective only the smell should be avoided. Alcohol consumption should also be avoided as it dehydrates the body.

3. Exercise/Walk

In this recovery phase it is necessary to include exercise in your daily regime which could include walking or lightweight exercise or also free hand exercises. Start with walking at a slow pace, the slower you start the better it goes for the body. During this disease, the bodies haemoglobin goes down because of which the body would frequently get tired or breathless but nothing to worry it is just a part of recovery, in this situation all you need to give your body is rest or breather.

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4. Multivitamins

It becomes very important to get the lost nutrients back to your body in order to ensure that the body gets it immunity back. Vitamins are generally prescribed by the doctor as maintaining the adequate levels of vitamins in the body helps in the regeneration of the lost platelets and haemoglobin.

5. Rest

As much as the diet, the medication is important for the recovery taking proper rest and getting proper sleep is equally important. Dengue is such disease that makes the body lethargic and many times a tired, so rest is necessary to get back to normal routine. Getting a proper sleep will help in the regeneration of good tissues.

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Visit the doctor regularly, and your regular lifestyle will surely bounce back to you.

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