A member of the New Moms’ Club shares her experience with PPD

I was a girl who was full of life until PPD struck me and I couldn’t understand what made me cry all day and night long during my japa period. I cried for the first time when I didn’t lactate for 3 days after the birth of my daughter. She would cry when hungry and I would like feel like a terrible mother, and since then there was no stopping my tears. I would cry for no reason and my mom would tell me that my eyes would get weak if I cried so much.

Everything around me seemed to depress me. I suffered from granulation, PPD, sore nipples and lack of sleep.

It’s only when my husband took charge, determined to get me out of my condition, that it started improving.

He comforted me with his presence all the time: working from home, talking to me for hours (despite having always been a silent listener), getting me all my favourite foods to hog on, taking me out for drives when I was at my worst.. He made me feel extremely special.

He stood up for me like a superhero against everyone; not that my family didn’t have my best interests in mind, but they were being protective in their own way. Finally he said that it was his turn now, and that he would do what seems right to him. Some days later on consultation with my parents, my husband got me homeopathic medicines and *touch-wood*, the first prescription was the last one. I had overcome 90% of my hormonal imbalance which is medically called PPD. Today, I am glad to have a husband like mine and a family that supports me unconditionally.

(The Author of this write-up wishes to stay Anonymous)

Neha Jain shares some tips on how to overcome Postpartum Depression

After delivering a baby, the worst thing that can happen to a mother is postpartum2 (3) depression (PPD). According to a study, about 10 percent of new mothers suffer from this problem in the first year after delivery. I have personally seen two cases of PPD and discussed with those affected about overcoming it.

Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Do not forget yourself- meditate, exercise, pamper yourself, go shopping leaving the baby at home.

2. Leave household chores at least for 3 months, seek help from others.

3. Talk it out- share your feelings & anxieties with your loved ones.

4. Take up this new role as a job and give it your 100%.

5. Go with the flow and relax!

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About Author: After completing her MBA, Neha worked with a digital marketing agency for 4 years. She Says, “Mothering my daughter has made me a professional blogger/ writer and I am thoroughly enjoying this role. My daughter is 20-months old and keeps me on my toes. My maid and cook are my lifelines.”

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