Pregnancy is one of the precious gifts by nature to women. This brings happiness to everyone’s life. But do you know, how difficult it is to bear a baby? A pregnant woman may go through a lot of health issues and discomfort during those 9 months. These health issues may not be harmful but need a little attention.

These annoying problems may include cramps, urinary frequency, and incontinence, heartburn and indigestion, varicose veins, backache, constipation, hemorrhoids, and thrush. In this article, we will discuss the common health conditions during pregnancy.

Common Health Conditions During Pregnancy

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Many women experience a number of health problems during their pregnancy. These common problems can harm the health of both, the mother and fetus. Some of the common problem during pregnancy are given below:


Generally, the leg and foot cramps are very common during the second trimester of pregnancy. These cramps usually happen at night. Fortunately, some simple remedies can reduce pain. You can try the following steps if you get the cramps,

Keep your leg straight on the mattress and try to pull your toes back towards your knee. This will stretch your calf muscle and reduce the pain. 

If this is not working, you can also try standing up and stepping forward with the other foot to stretch the cramped muscle.

Heartburn and indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion are very common during pregnancy. To get rid of this, you can take an antacid solution or tablets. But before taking any medicine you should consult with your doctor. Along with this, you can also get relieved by avoiding fatty and spicy foods.

It is recommended by the doctor that a pregnant woman should not lie down after having a big or heavy meal as this could cause heartburn.

You can have a glass of milk or yogurt to prevent and relieve heartburn. If the symptoms are very aggressive, talk to your doctor and seek medical health immediately.

Urinary frequency

It is observed in many pregnancy cases that pregnant women need to pass urine more frequently. Generally, this problem could last for over 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. After time passes, the patient feels relive.

This is a normal condition during pregnancy and no one can do anything about this.

NOTE: Do not limit the intake of water and liquids to reduce the urinary frequency. This could be bad for you and your baby. Have as much as water as you can.

Urinating is normal, but if you feel any burning sensation, stinging or back pain while passing urine, you must consult your doctor. 

Swollen Leg Veins

You must have heard that many women face the problem of swollen legs during pregnancy. This is because of Varicose veins. The doctors believe that pregnancy hormones make you more likely to develop these veins.

We have some tips that can help prevent varicose veins from developing: 

  • Try not to cross your legs while sitting
  • Do not stand for a long time
  • Keep your legs higher than the rest of your body while lying on the bed
  • If the symptoms are advanced or aggressive, consult your doctor

Vaginal thrush  

Many mothers experience excessive vaginal discharge during pregnancy. This is also one of the common conditions. One should seek immediate medical help if the discharge becomes thick, is itchy, uncomfortable or has an unpleasant smell. These are the signs of vaginal infection called thrush.

A lot of glycogen is present in the vagina of pregnant women that lets the thrush grow faster. In this condition, the women should consult a doctor without any delay.

If the symptoms are mild, then you can apply a cold compress to the itchy, inflamed area to ease the symptoms. 

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is the symptom of early pregnancy. It is found in most of the pregnant women. It is caused by the change in hormones during pregnancy and may make eating difficult. Some suggestion that can ease the symptoms are :

  • Instead of a heavy meal, have frequent small meals
  • Avoid fatty, spicy and fried foods
  • Try to have some dry snacks before getting out of bed in the morning
  • Avoid those foods which make you feel sick

Also, there are certain medicines that your doctor can prescribe to overcome morning sickness. So, consult your doctor if the situation is unbearable.


The ligaments present in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labor during pregnancy. This can lead to strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, which causes backache. A firm mattress can help to prevent and relieve backache. Some activities can relieve back pain such as aqua-aerobics, acupuncture, massage, hot packs, and walking.

Dealing with fatigue during your pregnancy

The hormonal changes during pregnancy can make you feel tired, a bit faint, and hotter than usual. This is quite common during pregnancy. To overcome this, you can try to get up slowly after sitting or lying down, and drink more and more water if you are feeling hot.

A Final Words

In the above post, we have explained some common health problems caused during pregnancy. Along with health issues, we have also described some tips to overcome those conditions. But, if the symptoms are aggressive, then do check with your doctor and get the right treatment. A pregnant woman should never neglect the advice of a doctor. This could be harmful to both the mother and child. Seek medical help whenever needed.

Visit an experienced gynaecologist today for any concern during pregnancy.

Pass this information and if you need more personalized guidance, contact to the best and experienced Gynaecologist or call our medical experts now.

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