Being Pregnant is all about the changes that take place inside woman’s body and transform her into a mother. With Pregnancy, come lot of complications like feeling nauseous, sick, experiencing fatigue, bearing strange smells etc. My complications started way before I had even conceived.

I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the Fallopian tube and had to undergo a lot of medical treatments and injections that came with side effects like weight gain, lack of rest due to work, etc.

My complexion got darker and I used to cry at night fighting with god, asking why he chose me for all this. It was a grueling process which only a woman can go through. Lying in front of doctors with your legs open, they touch you as if they’re checking a machine, not a human being. All this added to my high stress levels and my doctor said stress was my biggest problem, something I needed to overcome more than anything else. God never told me why he chose me, but he sent me an angel for support and that angel was my darling husband.

Time moved, soon this phase was over and I conceived. Now came bigger problems with the pregnancy. I would feel sick, tired and nauseous all day long. Strange metallic taste in my mouth made it worse. I would not feel like eating anything despite knowing that consuming a proper diet was crucial for me.




I was advised bed rest throughout my pregnancy to avoid any complications since mine was a high-risk pregnancy; I had conceived through IUI.

I had all sorts of problems when I was Pregnant: High Blood Pressure, Gestational diabetes, placenta previa and the list goes on.. But I overcame all of this with the support and encouragement from my husband, timely medication

(I never missed even a single dose when I was Pregnant or even after. What an achievement!), regular visits to the doctor and listening to soft music (I purchased CDs especially made for pregnant women, which trust me, are worth buying.)

The soothing music helped me sail through my complications smoothly. I also practiced yoga regularly and continued mild exercise under the supervision of an instructor. By the end of my 9th month, my Blood Pressure was perfect and Gestation Diabetes was under control. My doctor gave me a go-ahead for a normal delivery but since I couldn’t bear the pain, I insisted on a C-section. They say with a big surgery come bigger problems; I say it’s a Myth. It’s been three years since my delivery and till date I haven’t faced any problem. The reason being regular exercise, proper diet and keeping stress at bay.

Now, my super active son keeps me on my toes all the time, which tires me, but it is all worth it!!

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About Author: A proud homemaker and mother of a very naughty kid, Pooja chose her family over money and put an end to her 10 year long professional career and hasn’t looked back. She believes that the result of her decision is ” priceless and I am enjoying every single moment spent with my son.”

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