Our Moms Club members share their candid experiences of having a C-section.

Being depressed that I couldn’t make it normally, my senses came back during the surgery, with so much pain and watery eyes, I then get to see my little Snow White– Nitika Suri Sharma

Due to IUGR, I had to have C-section at the end of 7 month and I got the news just a day before – so no time to prepare but as my focus was on my premature baby. I didn’t feel my pain and was walking 3 times a day to the hospital to see her. People say C-section is horrible but I say –its all in your mind, be positive and everything will b fine – Parul Rajeev 

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My baby was having double cord around the neck which was painful for me. So had a C-section one month prior to my due date. I was stressed but forgot every pain I had when saw my angel..So pure and beautiful – Supreet Marwah



I had a very bad headache the previous night until I was taken inside the operation theatre, once I was taken in I was just reciting prayers, though I was given half anaesthesia, I was awake but I had just closed my eyes. After 10 minutes, I heard my bebu cry for the first time. I delivered a month early because – I had kidney stones, and the baby’s heartbeat was high and my stress level was high too. But by gods grace bebu was perfectly well. – Zeba Shaikh


C-section sounds normal these days as it’s a quick procedure for doctors also. Its painless before the baby’s birth but painful afterwards. The pain might go after few days but the spinal pain is left for life due to anaesthesia and epidural injection is unforgettable. – Shiwali Uppal

Doctor told me to go for C-section the next day morning as my water quantity had decreased. I called my husband and he came by flight at 3 in the morning. Seeing him I was so happy, he was there when I delivered a boy. Most memorable day of my life. – Aanal Joshi Jani

I had my C-section I delivered twins, it was a complicated procedure as had my double operation. Along with twins delivery, I had my big (chocolate) cyst in left ovary removed at the same time. The doctors were amazed to see that despite so many complications I managed to have healthy weight twins. But yes, I suffered from a bad headache post-surgery due to which the doctors kept me in ICU for 4 – 5 hours post-surgery and I was unconscious till I shifted. But C-section is not as horrible as it may sound. – Aira Bajaj

Loved every moment of the surgery in both cases. I have delivered both my kids by this amazing process. Just took all the pain in a tough way and got good results. I’m one tough lady during and after 2 surgeries. Proud to be a mommy of two – Aarthi Ruth

I so wanted a NVD, my pregnancy was normal. When my gynae told me that my baby’s heartbeat is dropping and that they would still try NVD with vacuum and forceps, I told them to go with C-section. No chance to be taken for baby. They still tried vacuum but then ended up in C-Section. The only grudge for having C-Section is that I wasn’t the first one to see and hold DD as I was unconscious in OT. – Sharan Saini Kakade

Thanks to God, I recovered in just 3 days after my c-section. It’s not a miracle, only my will power and love towards my son, who was in the NICU just after birth due to a hole in his heart. I desperately wanted to meet my son, so on the 3rd day I got to meet him. I used the stairs slowly. I had no problem with my C-section. 10th day all my stitches were removed and me & my son were all well. One more thing, the 3rd day after meeting my son, who was in other hospital, I came back home – Payal Gupta

I didn’t have a normal pregnancy throughout, still the doctor said that we’d try for normal. But destiny had planned something else. I was admitted in my 34th week for BP monitoring – no plan for delivery at that time. My husband had gone on tour for 2.5 months on 18th January and I delivered on 19th January morning in the emergency. I was physically prepared but not mentally. It was sad in the OT, but I bravely lied down and was chatting with the people around me. Then heard my champs sound and my eyes filled with tear. Bestest moment of my life, C-section is not a problem at all. – Surmeet Kaur

My delivery procedure was going normal and the baby was about to come in this beautiful world, but suddenly, my doctor saw meconium and I landed up in surgery within a minute. I was not mentally prepared for that. I was talking in the OT and then I heard the voice of my little love and I forgot every pain. And when I came out, there were tears and smiles  on both me and my hubby’s face. I can’t forget that moment…most precious one. – Ritu Sharma

Mine was a planned C-section by the doctor and we had chosen our dates. I was admitted a night before where in my room ‘baby doll’ was playing. I was like super stressed and the doctor took me to the OT where they were discussing how there was no electricity in their house last night. I so wanted to kill them! Then there was a whole mob of hands working on my baby and suddenly I hear the sound of my baby doll, best day of my life…  – Neha Dhingra

I was very happy when I saw my little angel Pritha and asked the doctor that

beta hai ya beti?

She then answered ‘beti hui hai’  and my eyes got watery and doctor asked me – what happened? Why are you crying? I told her I got miracle of my life and my dream has come true – Sanjini Thakur

On that day of horrible labour pain, I was waiting for baby to come out. It was not easy for me to take breath properly because my BP was getting down. It was at that moment that I decided for a c-section. On the operation table, I felt no pain and really I was enjoying each movement and feeling – everything happening to me. Now I’m glad that my baby also came out without suffering from any  pain. – Poonam Pal 

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I went through a C-section, nice experience, no pain, no stress at all because of staff and doctor. The doctor must be good and I say if the nurse staff is also good then it’s sonae per suhaga. My doctor as well as nursing staff are damn good, very much thanks to them for giving safely my little girl in my hand. Nidhi Tiwari

Excessive movement a night before the C-section and the next morning the baby’s heartbeat dipped to 60. We took an urgent decision for a c-sec and she was there safely. Thanks to God and doctors. Painful but priceless as it gave me my love, my angel – Parul Bhutani Dawar

The doctors induced artificial pains for a day and tried their best for it to be a normal delivery. However, the baby’s head was stuck, and the pains had left me lifeless. Within 15 minutes of C-section – the baby was out. Very convenient and safe, would have got it done in the morning itself. – Garima Manchanda Grover

I got to know about my twins in the 3rd month. I could not work but I had to. In the 8th month, I got to know that they’re triplet not twins. And after a few days only, I gave birth to them. In short, being in joint family I got pissed and a big C-section was done. I couldn’t save one of my babies and 7 years have passed, but still I’m unwell  Geeta Mittal Aggarwal

I got the strength to go for C-section after seeing my sweet friend going through the same. Therefore, in a nutshell, we need to be determined and need strength for C-section and once it is done, all one sees is only her baby. Last but not the least, thank you Deepika Vaziraney Verma for giving me strength. – Vijeta Dubey

Maybe I helped you overcome the fear of an operation. However, the courage and patience you have shown post delivery is beyond words, Vijeta Dubey. Moving to a new city after 10 days of delivery, managing the house and baby alone… Maybe there are many others doing the same…for me you are a true example of patience and willpower!! – Deepika Vaziraney Verma

I’m very happy that I got a c-section. No pain or trouble post-op. No post delivery abstinence of food.. Had everything.. The scar is not even visible. – Kamakshi Anubhav Naresh

C-section – poeple have a fear in their minds but trust me, I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have seen all the procedure and its wonderful feeling when you see your child coming in d world in front of your eyes. In the OT, talking to your mom and informing her that I have a delivered a baby girl -was the best moment. Thanks to my doctor, who made me talk to my mother and my baby the moment she came in the world…amazing it was…  Ratika Tarun Gupta


My case was really different. I had no movements at all, I was going through this for 2 days With such little movements I realised I should go for ultrasound rather going to gynae. And when I went for ultrasound, doctor said you have just 3 to 4 hours. We immediately called the gynae and then I had my C-section at about 11 at night. My baby was born low on sugar, so she was in NICU for about 10 days. Now we both are happy but my C-section was pretty good and painless – only 7 days of initial pain” – Sheetal Joshi


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