Mom #1

Hello everyone mine is normal delivery. Pain started at 1 o’ clock in the morning then at 3 AM my pain increased and then at 5 AM it was unbearable. I rush to the hospital because I was not aware if it were labour pain or something else because my due was 3rd November and I have delivered on 25th Oct.. After reaching the hospital my doc told me that I have to deliver.. They increased my pain and its like nothing can be difficult in front of this. Every pain I just thought now I’m going to die. This all continued till 10 and after all of this I got a bundle of joy in my lap! Yes this my boy.. I just feel like yes i have done it. I feel my self top of the world… – Komal Bhadana

Mom #2

I was due on 4th July and it was 5th July 12 AM. My pains started it was becoming more strong and I knew my was heavy so ill have to bear more pain it started becoming unbearable and it was 5 AM and I started puking.  I took few injections and my pains went till 1130. I was taken to delivery room and doctor gave me a large cut from vagina till anus because baby’s head was huge! She then said ‘we’ll have to do caesarean’.  I took a deep breath and pushed it as hard as I could and after 12 hours of massive pains I had a baby boy of 4.37 kgs and the whole hospital came to see my cute baby and named it sumo wrestler baby and I was so thankful to god – Mehak Kohli

Mom #3

Hello everyone. Mine is normal delivery. Actually doc admitted me (in the hospital) to control my BP as it was high. Then she started giving artificial pains as I had completed my 9 months. I was admitted in morning at 8 AM. But after pains also I was not able to feel. Then in evening doc gave her last dose of pain at 5 PM. At 6.30 I got severe contractions. Earlier we all were tensed because otherwise I had to go for C – section. But luckily the pain started and I was screaming like hell. Doc came at 7.10 and within few minutes I delivered a baby boy. I felt so relaxed and was very happy. – Mansi Jain

Mom #4

I had a normal delivery.. Was admitted in the hospital at 8 AM with severe pain .. Doc decided to burst the water bag and with the gush of water my baby was in the arms of the nurse .. Did not even push once and my bundle of joy came on this earth at 10 .00 am. – Ritu Sawhney

Mom #5

Hi…my due date was 6th December…on 22nd November I spotted something….went to hospital…got admitted at night…early morning on 23th November doc gave me injection for inducing pain and after 2 hours it started….every pain was more intense den d last one …around 11.30 I went in the labour room…asked my doc to go for C section I cant bear more….at 12.33 she was born…..and I forgot everything….. love u sooo much baby – Neha Mangla

Mom #6

Hello mums… Mine was a normal delivery… My pain start on the due date at 7 AM and I delivered 8.30 AM next morning.. Cant forget that day.. 25 hours in pain.. OMG … I was just following my dadi’s nuskha that not to make any movement when pain comes else pain increase… And just remembering my mom and god… As soon as i delivered it such a relief like I was perfect.. Nothing was happening before… Then I saw my child I was on top of the world.. Just want her to b with me… Love u sweetheart… – Malvika Rajat Gupta

Mom #7

Everybody in my house had a phobia about C- section and I had no clue about both normal and C – section. So in my 8th month of pregnancy, I had to move to Dehradun so that I can have a normal delivery as my MIL was in touch with a doctor who had done all deliveries normal. At last, I gave birth to an angel via normal delivery along with lots of emotion like worry, anxiety, fear, and mostly pain. But all is well when you have a baby in ur hand. You forget everything… – Premlata Yadav Pundir

Mom #8

Well friends..labour pain is the most horrible thing or pain a woman has to bear to bring her child in this world. None can imagine how painful it is…my experience says you need to be very strong both physically & mentality ..none would help you out. Its only you and your willpower cud do…and none else! After the delivery obviously you feel great..and would be your re-birth in real would-be-moms – be strong can do it! – Sabitra Dahal

Mom #9

Hi My delivery date was 1st Jan.. due to complication my doctor advised me to get admitted and receive artificial pains. After 12 hours of struggling with pain.. He was finally in my arms. The beautiful moment made me forget everything.. When I think of labour pain.. I know its hard and scary to listen to but think of it as the baby is as eager to come out and hug as you are.. I was not scared as I knew I was in good hands. I was just an excited first time mother. People scare you with all kind of normal delivery pain stories. I just remember mine as day I went to have my baby – Sargam Sharma

Mom #10

I had normal delivery .. my pain started and soon after I was admit in the hospital on Saturday morning 7th. Delivered a baby boy Sunday morning 5.45 AM…bared the labour pain for 22 hours.. tough time of my Life .. kuch dard k baad Jo Mila wo anmol hai…my bundle of joy my both kids… – Nisha Nisu

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