Mom #1

My due date was 27th Nov. I went for normal check up on 25th Oct where the doctor recommended an ultrasound. After seeing my reports she told me “you’re about to deliver” and I was like “What? How can it be possible?” I mean I was perfectly alright and my husband was in shock. He asked if there was any problem and the doc said nothing wrong its just that contractions have started. I got admitted. I was very tensed because all this happened suddenly. Doc gave me 1st injection for artificial pain. Pain was increasing with every minute that passed. After 30 minutes a nurse came and gave me another dose and after that it was like hell I was screaming like anything. I was begging for a c-section. “I can’t do this.” This was the line I was repeatedly telling my mother-in-law who was with me holding my hand saying you can do this. Then they took me to the OT and in 15 minutes I delivered my baby boy but he was not breathing! I was worried but after few seconds I heard his voice and it was like omg he was so cute. I took him in my arms and felt feeling that can’t be explained. It’s just that I was the happiest person and I could see my family outside their eyes were filled with happiness. – Nidhi Bansal Mittal  

Mom #2

It was 31st March and I went to a new doctor just for a 2nd opinion n she suggested a colour Doppler ultrasound and after looking at my reports, she said there was no any movement of baby and I’ve to do c-section within 1 or 2 days. Next day I went to gynae and she told me you are already in labour and told me to remove religious threads that I had tied on my belly the same day but I didn’t because I didn’t want my baby to be born on April Fools Day instead I enjoyed my nephew’s birthday party. The very next morning at 6:30 AM, I removed the threads from around my belly and immediately started bleeding. I told my parents and after having breakfast, we went to the hospital at 10:30 AM and they admitted me and gave me artificial pain. I enjoyed my stay in the hospital, clicking selfies because I didn’t feel any pain. Doctors asked my family to go out and let me feel pain, I enjoyed a lot eating khichdi n aloo gobhi, banana, tea. It was 3:30 and the pain increased and I never thought the pains are like this..I felt like dying and it at 5:30 I delivered a baby boy. There was no pain and the feeling was amazing! Being a mom through normal delivery! It was double celebration for me as it was 2nd April, also my 2nd marriage anniversary. All 3 of us – me, my hubby n our baby came on the same day in each other’s life. When we reached home, it was decorated with balloons n there was a cake cutting celebration too..lovely day of my life.. – Shivani Amit Jain 

Mom #3 due date was 16th March…but on 8th March, also Women’s Day, early morning I went to the loo…I saw 2-3 drops of blood discharge. Immediately I told my Mother-in-law and then we went to hospital for check up. That was Sunday and my doctor was out of town. So the assistant doctor came and checked. She said you have to get admitted “observation me rakhna padega” …there was no pain at all…and on the same day I had taken my parlour appointment for wax facial and all. While having dinner I felt little contractions…but that was bearable…as the time passes my pain was growing…I didn’t slept whole night. At 10 AM morning , my doctor came and checked and she discharged the water… and uske baad jo pain hua…my everyone knows hows the pain…I was shouting in my room…then they shifted me to the delivery room. I was alone and crying alot because of the pain. I requested them to call my mom …my mom gave me strength..seriously I was crying like hell..that I don’t want normal…but my mom gave me full positive support and finally at 3.48 PM I delivered my little angel and forgot everything. But that day if my mom wasn’t there, toh I wouldn’t have done normal delivery. Thanks alot to my powerful mom. – Kanika Makhija 

Mom #4

Hi, my delivery due date was 3rd Jan and on 27th December I completed 9 months. On 26th Dec at 11 AM, I went to my doctor but everything was fine. I had no pain and no other issue. My doctor told me “now you should get admitted, I have to start artificial pains.” At that time my husband was in Pune and I was in Moradabad. I told the doctor that my hubby is coming on 29th dec and I’d get admitted on 30th Dec. I came home but suddenly that evening I felt something but I didn’t know what it was. My mother asked me many times if everything was fine. What are you feeling? Is the pain starting from back and coming to the stomach? But I didn’t say anything. My mother told me ab tum jyada time nahi khich paogi. Subha tak delay ho jayegi. and it was 10pm. I started labour pain and after 4 hours I started bleeding. We went to the hospital at 3 AM and it was too cold but the pain was increasing. I told my doctor please operate on me. I can’t do normal but my doctor said  “no, it is normal delivery” and by the grace of god we were blessed with a baby boy on 27th Dec at 8:05 AM. – Pooja Sumit Kant 

Mom #5

My due date was 17th July. On 6th July I did all the household work and when I came to my room to sleep I told my hubby that I had an intuition that maybe I’ll deliver tonight or tomorrow. Till that time I had had no pains. Around 2.30 AM, I had a bad backache. Around 4 AM I called up my doctor and she said just take a crocin tab n apply volini and wait for an hour. If the pain doesn’t go then come to the hospital. At 5.30 AM, my MIL made ghee Wala milk for me but I started vomiting. Around 7 AM, I was admitted to the hospital but the doctor told us that there was no chance of delivering before evening. I was having unbearable pains. Around 10, my doc called my MIL and hubby and showed them the baby had pooed inside, so we should go for a C-section. But the doctor didn’t say anything to me and just told me to keep pushing. At 12.30 I had my little angel with me via normal delivery. I really was blessed to have this doc by my side. – Swati Aneja Chugh 

Mom #6

Well it’s the best moment of my life !!! I didn’t ever think that it would be so beautiful (after hearing so much about normal deliveries from my friends). Like everyone else, I also had pains… in fact so much of pain that it was unbearable… But being on the labour table I had this thing in my mind that after this pain I would finally see for whom I was waiting for the past 9 months…And all my questions regarding the baby will be answered…My pains were not of that much intensity so my doctor (my mother) induced me and after that it was like hell lot of pains and it remained just for 1 hour and after that my daughter came into this world… And yes I do remember my doctor’s first words — “yeh toh poori apne papa jaisi hai … ” And believe me my curiosity doubled to see her… And when I got to see her I forgot all my pains n everything…Yes she the most beautiful blessing I can ever have in my life…My happiness got doubled by these two beautiful (my husband n my daughter ) in my life. – Ankita Chaudhary 

Mom #7

My due date was 10 Feb 2015 but suddenly on 29 Jan early morning at 6:15 there was water leakage and I woke up my hubby and told him to take me to the hospital… Then we rush to the hospital and they admitted me. Earlier nurses were telling me ur delivery will be done at 12 noon but they delayed till 5:25 pm. I bear the labor pain for atleast 12 hours and can’t even explain in words the pain of 1 hr from 4:30 to 5:25 pm. During this time I kept on saying that please do cesarean as I was not able to bear the pain…really that was very tough hour for me to survive…. Then after that I delivered a little angel at 5:25 pm and the special thing here to note is that mine birth timings and my lil angel birth timings are same i.e. 5:25 pm…. But after delivery I faced another problem my umbilical cord was remain in stomach as my gynae didn’t hold that… Therefore they gave me anesthesia for taking out that cord…. I was anesthetized for atleast 3 hrs after delivery finally I was very happy when I saw my shona baby… – CA Neha Tayal Mehra 

Mom #8

Hi everyone my due date was 22nd December but there was no pain and I was scared also. So I didn’t visit my doctor. Then on the 28th of December my hubby took me by force to the hospital and my doctor admitted me immediately. Mai bohot dari hui thi and could not sleep at night then next day 29th of December my doc comes at 11 am and checking me then she told me ki bachedani ka muh open h 4inch apko pta nhi chala then I told her “yes I can feel some little pain”. After 3 PM the pain was unbearable for me. The Doctor said maa choti h and baby bada hai.. My doc advised me to not to eat anything and I had not eat anything in the last 18 hrs and wanted to sleep then however at 8.10 PM I delivered a baby boy. I felt relaxed but the doctor told me that my baby is healthy but uski saasen upar niche ho rahi hai or uske papa use lekar baby ke doc ke pas gaye hai.. and I started crying after 1 hour my hubby comes and gave my sweet boy to me then I was just looking at him continually and thanking God_/\_….– Radhika Soni 

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