Nowadays people are extra busy overcoming routine challenges. This makes us forget about vital virtues and issues. College students are no exception. They are usually concentrated on socializing and study issues and leave not enough time for a healthy routine. Mental and physical health is taken into account only when you get stuck in your bed with a bad cold or stomachache or get depressed out of the blue. This all makes it significant to talk about health practices and stress management on campus.  

Plan but Stay Flexible

Planning your everyday life eliminates possible stressful situations and inconveniences. This enables to organize your workload and distribute the study tasks evenly. Study nights and crammed exam preparation have a negative impact on your health and academic result. This way proper planning will help you to stay on the ride through the academic year and find time for both socializing and studying with ease.

Yet, there is no reason to stress out if your plans are crashed by some unexpected issues. On the contrary, you need to learn to be flexible, do more important assignments yourself and hand on other tasks to professionals, such as Pro-papers. But not sacrifice your sleep or mealtime to get fixed everything on your own. 

Move On 

You sit during classes, when doing homework, having coffee or beer with friends. You are so busy sitting that you have bo time to move at all. Lak of physical activity has a bad influence on your blood flow, your body doesn’t get enough of fresh air, your brains struggle to function, which leads to academic failures and depression. It gets more vivid before tests and exams when you have study even more and lack time for eating and moving. 

Still, if you have a desire it is possible to insert some move-time even in the most stuffed schedule. Commute by bike or on foot, spend time with friends outdoors doing some sports, take stairs wherever possible, have walking meetings and so on. The more you move the easier you will get your physical and mental activity balanced and fruitful. 

Exercise Regularly

It is scientifically proved that regular physical exercises help to reduce stress level and activate brain cells making the mental activity more productive. This is what you truly need on campus: a qualitative workout time to stay fit, healthy and concentrated. 

Enrol to some sports cub, go to the gym with your friend, do some sports in your leisure, involve friends in team sports, and more. This will bring you possibilities to spend more time outdoors, stay in shape, balance your activities and spend time with friends, all at once. This way you will waste less time but attain more health. 

Manage Healthy Diet

Eating in the middle of the night? Preferring junk food? Skipping meals? How do you feel afterwards? Unsteady and unhealthy meal plan results in physical and emotional decline. This means you are to attain less energy, get stressed easily, and feel bad in the result.

That is why you’d better care about your eating habits for the sake of your physical and mental wellness. Pre-plan our meals, never skip breakfast, consume more fruits and vegetables, get healthy snacks, cook yourself, stay hydrated, avoid alcohol. Once you learn to eat properly, you will manage your weigh, stay full and energized for a decent time, and stay illness resistant easily.

Stay Mindful

If you nurture your mind properly and manage your mental balance you will be able to perform well and stay positive no matter what. Your major task is to realize that stressing out will bring no results, but only harm for your health. 

Instead, you need to step back and analyze your mistakes and wrong decisions. This will enable you to plan better in the future and prevent stressful situations with ease. Analysis and concentration on problem-solving activities will leave no place for depression.

Reach for Help

The feeling of anxiety and worries don’t leave you. You keep on stressing out because of minor problems. You cannot concentrate properly and experience an emotional decline. If you undergo any of these states and cannot cope with them on your own, it is time to reach for help. You shouldn’t be ashamed or scared, but hurry to get professionals to help you out until it gets significantly worse.

There are many support groups and training sessions on campus. They will teach you how to control your emotions, decrease tension and stress level. More to this you can also take up some yoga and meditation classes, learn breathing techniques, to regain physical and emotional balance.

Find time to care about your physical and mental health, nurture healthy habits, stay active and energized and you will be able to overcome any stressful situations and challenges with ease and succeed academically and in everyday issues in general.   

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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