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Are Diabetes and Heart Disease Related?

While relating diabetes and heart disease, a renowned Cardiologist in Gurgaon says People with diabetes often develop heart diseases termed as ‘diabetic heart disease’ (DHD). As compared to non diabetics, people …

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Diabetes Treatment Options

The basic objective of diabetes treatment is to keep the blood sugar (glucose) levels under control. Diabetes is a life-long condition and there is no guaranteed cure for it but there …

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5 Diabetes Complications You Should Know

Why is it so important to control diabetes? Diabetes puts an individual at an increased risk of developing a wide of health complications, and these affect almost every part of the …

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Diabetes Testing

14 Lifestyle Changes for Managing Diabetes

Controlling blood sugar is the basic underlying key to managing diabetes to live longer and healthier. There are many lifestyle habits that diabetic patients can adapt to stay healthier and …

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Dark Chocolate

5 Reasons to Love Dark Chocolate

Chocolate- The word alone brings a smile to the face. As a kid, you were warned against having too many- then you were terrorized by cavity, today fat has taken …

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exercises during pregnancy

Everything You Need to Know About Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a common occurrence in many pregnant women, especially around 24th week. It may not necessarily mean that you’ll have to suffer from diabetes throughout the rest of …

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Superfoods for Blood Sugar

6 Superfoods to Control Blood Sugar

Hey, is your blood sugar level high? Cause I think you’re really sweet. Well apart from such cheesy pick up lines, high blood sugar brings with it a host of …

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diabetes myths debunked

7 Diabetes Myths Debunked

There are many diabetes myths that sometimes create an inaccurate picture of this medical condition. Such myths not only make it difficult for people to realize some hard facts about it, …

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diabetes winters

Managing Diabetes in Winters

Winters are a great time to forget the scorching heat of warmer months and enjoy the warmth of the company of loved ones and great food. However, if you are …

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Diabetes: FAQs

1. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the blood sugar or blood glucose level increases above the normal levels. The glucose or sugar comes from the …

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Tips for a Travelling Diabetic

Diabetes affects a large number of people across the world every year. Although this condition can be treated and controlled by several methods and medications, the one process every patient …

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Difference Between Type 1 & 2 Diabetes?

What’s the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes? While both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are characterised by elevated levels of blood glucose, the two differ in the …

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Mommy & Child

Living with Diabetes

Are you suffering from diabetes? Or do you think you have the symptoms? Contact us and get free expert advice. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the …

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Diabetic Foot: Everything you should know

High blood sugar levels in diabetes damage blood vessels, increasing the risk of decay of foot. It may also result from an increased risk of foot infection. Body’s immune system, …

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Diabetes & 5 complications

What complications are caused by diabetes? Over a period of time, there are not-so-pleasant changes brought by diabetes in the body that may affect vital organs like the heart, eyes, …

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What is Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Most patients with diabetes are known to get kidney disease over a period of time which may become a life-threatening condition if not handled properly. In this article, we shed …

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Diabetes: Understanding the Pathophysiology

To understand the pathophysiology of diabetes, we need to first know how blood glucose level is a function of complex interaction between the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver. Carbohydrate metabolism …

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diabetic food

Diabetics: 15 Yummy Food Tips

Diabetics now dump fretting over food!! Here are 15 yummy food tips specially for diabetics! Are you a diabetic and constantly asking “What can I eat?” You don’t have to …

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common diseases

Diabetes: What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Though the advancement in medical sciences are peaking, there is no permanent cure to diabetes as of yet. A responsible doctor should tell you all the adverse effects that can be …

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Diabetics: Importance of routine eye care

Diabetic patients are at a greater risk of eye ailments if they do not keep the blood sugar level under control. In fact, Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness …

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