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7 Signs of Anemia during Pregnancy

7 Signs of Anemia During Pregnancy

Ladies, feeling sluggish? In case you’re drained to the point that you frequently experience difficulty tending to your routine life, anemia might be to blame. And if you’re pregnant, anemia …

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benefits of fitness watches

Benefits Of Fitness Trackers On Watches

Watches have been around for quite a long time, the reason why they have remained so popular now is because of how many features a watch can have, watches can …

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Spin Exercise

How the Spin Exercise Helps You to Maintain Your Ideal Body?

Spinning is like riding on a stationary bicycle and is a top exercise decision for some ladies. Not exclusively would you be able to make up for lost time with …

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Building Your muscles

5 Things You Need To Know About Building Your Muscle

Who doesn’t want to look fit and attractive? How about getting that beach-perfect body, well-sculpted arms, and irresistible abs? But such transformations usually come with a hefty ‘price’ tag. The …

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Pre workout food, best pre workout food, Pre workout food india

10 Pre Workout Foods – What To Eat Before Workout

From our busy schedule, we take some time out to exercise to keep our body healthy and fit. But are you getting the most out of it? It surely depends …

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diet plan questions

Two Essential Questions To Be Answered About Your Diet Plan

Are you ready for a diet regimen? First ask yourself ‘Which one to choose’ and while you are still enduring your chosen diet plan, answer the question ‘For how long …

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low carb indian diet - low carb indian food

Low Carb Indian Diet For Beginners – Ultimate Guide

Has all the rage about growing muscles and losing fat gone to your head? Well, don’t worry, we’ll ease your way into the fitness world with minor changes to your …

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surya namaskar steps - surya namaskar benefits

Learn Surya Namaskar Steps & Surya Namaskar Benefits

‘Surya Namaskar’ yoga is also known as ‘Sun Salutation’ and it is not only a sequence of poses that helps you to shed down some weight. It is practiced at …

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paleo diet chart - paleo diet India

What is Paleo Diet? All About Paleo Diet Chart in India

The Paleo diet is simple words means “Eat like your ancestors used to and lose weight.” This form of diet is one of the most popular forms of diets in …

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yo yo test in cricket - yo yo endurance test

What is yo-yo test in cricket?

The cricket season is soon going start with the bolstering performances of the top bided players in the IPL. The beginning of the IPL brings a lot of fun and …

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Dealing with Sports Injuries

Dealing with Sports Injuries

Sports are great means of pushing away the side effects of sedentary lifestyle, while enjoying something that you love. Being passionate about sports can start early in childhood or develop …

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Yoga Exercises For PCOD Ladies

Do you understand PCOD? Polycystic Ovarion Disease (PCOD) commonly known in short as PCOD is a condition within which the ovary of the female is affected. This is a condition that …

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