For those teens who feel gyms are an unnecessary expenditure, or those who are simply too lazy to get out of their homes to go to a gym, do-it-at-home workouts are a great option. You don’t even need to have any prior knowledge before doing these, and the best part is that it won’t eat into your schedule!

• When you are brushing your teeth, instead of pacing around or just standing there, try doing some squats. Stand against a wall, and let your feet stand apart two feet from it, with a distance of at least 3 feet between your legs. Then slowly slide or push down the wall, and do this till you are almost in a seated position. Hold that position for around 20 seconds, and slowly go up, and stand. Take a 5 second break and repeat these squats till you are done brushing. Or you can make it a part of your daily morning routine by doing squats every day for 5 minutes after brushing your teeth. This exercise tones your butt and thighs.

• If you are studying for an exam or a test, instead of sitting down and doing it, try something new. Take your book in your hand, and go up and down the stairs in your house. Don’t have stairs? No problem. Go to your verandah, balcony or any other place where there is plenty of space to walk, and start walking briskly while cramming your notes. Begin with 15 minutes, and you can go as high as 45 minutes per session. Even if you do it three times a week, it will work very well for you. This exercise will not only burn your calories, but will improve the blood flow to your brain.

• Alternatively, you can work on your abs. When you are sitting at your study table, sit straight and then squeeze your abs in tightly. Begin with holding that position for 15 seconds, and when you start getting comfortable with that time frame, you can go up as high as 45 seconds. Each time you hold your abs, it will be counted as one set. Try doing at least four to five reps at a time.

• The next time you are watching the TV and a break comes on, you can work on your abdominal area. Stand up straight, put your hands above your head and then bend forward and touch your toe. Do this in quick repetitions, with every set having 20 reps. Start off with 2 sets.

• Or you can work on your thighs. Stand straight, and then put your right leg forward (there should be a distance of at least 4 feet between your two toes). Now do a lunge. Go down, and keep pushing down till your left knee almost touches the ground. Then pull up, and go down again. Do 10 reps for each leg, and try doing at least 3 sets each. This exercise is very good for toning your thighs.

Try these simple exercises daily. Don’t slack off, remain motivated, and you will notice changes in your body very quickly!



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