Every day, you need to get enough nutrients for your body health. Nutrients give you the energy you need to carry on your day, repair tissues, prevent infections, maintain a healthy weight, and build muscle. If you are a body builder, you will need more nutrients than the average person. This means you need more carbohydrates for energy, more proteins to build your muscles and heal them after exercise, and more mineral elements to enhance absorption of other nutrients. Generally, you will need more of every nutrient to build your muscles.

Because your daily diet may not provide you with all nutrients ion their needed proportions, you will need to take supplements. It would be easier to take steroids and “get ripped in three days” as the advertisements say, but that may expose you to adverse side effects. Check the health tips below before taking these additives.

1. Understand the wide spectrum of supplements

There are thousands of supplements to choose from; if you follow ads, you might end up with the wrong supplement. Most of these are available over the counter, but some have to be prescribed by a doctor. There are supplements with added amounts of calories and proteins for weight gain, some for bodybuilders and some for weight loss.

You can also take these as single nutrients such as protein powder or clenbuterol cycle to heal your muscles after weight lifting, creating to give energy to body tissues or any other. Read and understand how these supplements work before buying one. This way, you will rip maximum benefits from the supplement you choose.

2. Check for side effects

If you have a chronic condition or you have any medical condition for which you are on medication, you need to talk to your physician before taking any supplements. A physician will help you pick supplements that will not interfere with your medication and recommend the right dose for optimal health.

Seeing that supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it can be challenging to know which is safe for you, especially if you have a medical condition. Granted, you need to pick a supplement with simple ingredients and talk to your physician.

3. Your supplement regimen should be as unique as your body

Bodybuilders do not have the same dietary needs and the same body building goals. Your body weight determines the supplement dosage needed. While you may need less protein, a person with a bigger body might need more protein. You might need more calories, especially if you are engaged in strenuous weight lifting, while someone else may need less.

Here, you need to follow the dietary recommendations on the bottle of the supplement. You can also work with your dietician or healthcare provider to get the correct dose.

4. Analyze your daily diet before taking a supplement

Nutrients can build up in your body if they are taken in excess. Proteins, for instance, are not healthy when taken in excess amounts. The body does not store protein; the excess is deaminated in the liver and excreted. Potassium is another nutrient that can build up in your body, especially if you have a kidney condition.

Granted, you need to watch your daily diet to identify the supplements you need. If you get enough nutrients, consider steroids vs. prohormones. Steroids work in place of your hormones and have been shown to have adverse side effects. Prohormones are safer as they stimulate your body to produce more hormones naturally.

You should keep a food diary to see what you are missing in your diet. This way, you will know how to supplement healthily.

5. In which form does your body best absorb supplements

Supplements are offered in different sizes, forms, and flavors. The liquid additives are the most common as they can just be added into drinks. However, people with health conditions and especially those on fluid restriction should talk with their healthcare provider before taking these. Other forms available include puddings, cookies, and bars.

6. Take a test to determine your nutritional requirements

Tracking the food you eat through a food diary may not show you the correct amount of nutrients you need. This is especially true if you have a health condition. Granted, you need to get blood work, urine test, and get a physical exam to identify the nutrients you are lacking.

Most people take body building casually; as if all you need is to eat more and exercise. However, with lab tests, your healthcare provider can recommend supplements with the most benefits for you.

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7. Muscle building supplements work best when your work out lest you add unhealthy weight.

Muscle building additives will work best with regular workouts. If you take supplements and then continue with a sedentary life, you will add weight instead of building lean muscles. Therefore, you need to work out to build muscles.

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