Saturday , April 1 2023

13 Healthy Eyesight Tips

It is easy to ignore the health and well-being of eyes – a pair of small ‘almond-shaped’ delicate organs of sight. Most eye problems go unnoticed until one starts experiencing challenge in seeing. According to a survey by the American Optometrist Association (AOA), 85% of people valued their sight as the most prized sense, but less than half of this group had an eye exam in the past 2-3 years.

Many people ignore preventive care first and then suddenly wake up to the nee when their vision reduces.

Here are a few tips that will keep your eyesight healthy and ward off age-related eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataract.

  1. Eat healthy foods that are a rich source of beta carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamin – A, C & E. These include green leafy vegetables, carrots, cold-water fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, nuts, beans and oranges.
  2. Give up smoking, if you do. It has been found that people who smoke are more prone to cataracts, optic nerve damage and macular degeneration.
  3. Protect from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglasses that block UVA and UVB whenever you step out into the sun.
  4. Avoid staring at the computer screen for too long. After every 20 minutes look at a distant object for 20 seconds. Also, adjust the lighting to avoid glares on the screen.
  5. Go for regular eye check-ups. This is very important for those in their 40s when the majority of the problem began.
  6. Those who use contact lens should always change the solution after each use and keep the lens case in a cool and dry area to avoid any eye infection.
  7. Drink lots of water to keep eyes hydrated.
  8. If any irritant gets into the eyes, don’t rub them rather use saline water to rinse them properly.
  9. A good home remedy is keeping slices of fresh cucumber or cotton balls soaked in rose water for 15 minutes.
  10. Surprisingly, drinking 1-2 cups of tea a day also help to keep eyes hydrated.
  11. Exercise regularly. This helps improve blood circulation and increase oxygen levels to the eyes.
  12. Give rest to your eyes by taking a break from work and closing them for few minutes and splashing water.
  13. Never touch your eyes with dirty hands.

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image source: metroeye