In today’s world work implies doing your job, sitting in front of your desktop or a laptop for hours at stretch with zero physical activity. It has been found that a sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many chronic diseases related to cardiovascular, diabetes and loosening of the muscles and bone strength. In order to avoid these it is advisable to follow some light exercising routines to keep your heart healthy along with losing some extra calories.

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Deskercise! 20 Smart Ways To Exercise At Work

Here are some exercises that you can successfully do in the confines of your office or cubicle:


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1. Twinkle Toes: While keeping your toes on the floor drum or tap it repeatedly. Doing so in regular intervals will keep the blood flow on your foot intact.

2. Stairs: A minor change in your office lifestyle is all it takes to shed those extra kilos. Ditch the elevator and start taking the stairs and see your life change for the good.

3. Head Roll: In this exercise, you will be required to let your head roll over towards your left shoulder and with the help of your hand you have to press your head downwards a little. Hold this position for ten seconds on each side and get rid of your tensions.

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4.Blade Scrunch: While sitting upright, try touching your shoulder blades by scrunching them together directed towards each other. This routine will help you relieve tension that develops on your shoulder blades while working on computers or looking at your phones.

5. Squeeze Walk: While walking anywhere in your office you need to take a deep breath and pull your abdominal muscles in the direction of your spine as you exhale. Stay squeezed for five to ten seconds, this will strengthen your core.

6. Rolling Shoulders: In order to get rid of any sort of shoulder pain and increase your shoulder flexibility and strength, then roll both your shoulders forwards and backwards together in circular motions.

7. Finger Pull: Stretch out your arm out while sitting or standing and with the help of your fingers stretch down your wrists. Hold the position for three to four seconds and regain your wrist strength and flexibility which will also help you in typing better.

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8. Foot Stretches: While sitting hold one of your legs up, parallel to the ground and point the toes upwards while tightening your calf muscles. You can also rotate your foot in circles to get rid of that lethargic feeling in the leg and will also help in toning your calf muscles.

9. Chair Squats: This effective complete body strengthening workout can be easily done by just standing tall and keeping your back straight. Then you are required to pretend to sit just one inch before the chair’s seat. Stay in this position for five to ten seconds and lift back up to the standing position.

10. Arabesque Circles: This exercise can be performed while you are talking on the phone and is effective in toning your glutes and hamstrings. You need to keep your right leg behind you and slowly circle your leg. Keep switching your legs and repeat for twenty-five circles.

11. Water Bottle Dumbells: A full water bottle can be a great substitute for a regular dumbbell. All you need to do is sit upright hold the bottle in your right hand and curl it towards your shoulder. This not only tones your biceps but also strengthens your arms.

12. Twists: Hold your water bottle on your chest level and twist right as far as you can go then return to the centre. Repeating this for ten times is a great way of getting a better waistline.

13. Shoulder Shrugs: Moving both your shoulders together upwards as if saying ‘I don’t know’ is the best way of getting rid of those extra knots in the back.

14. Kegel Exercise: This exercise helps in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and helps in controlling your urinary incontinence. You need to completely contract your pelvic muscles and hold this position for five seconds and repeat at least three times a day.

15. Posture: Sitting while keeping your spine in an upright position instead of a curve is the best way of combating any disease that may linger due to bad sitting posture.

16. Fidget: Fidgeting is a great way of losing those few calories. Keep tapping your fingers and toes rapidly and see the difference.

17. Standing: Stand. Every opportunity you get you have to stand. It is the most underrated exercise and it helps immensely in keeping your posture straight and heart rate going.

18. Attentive Listener: This workout is among the most effective solutions to a sedentary lifestyle. Here all you have to do is keep your palms face down on the table and lift both your legs mid-air while holding it there for as long as you can.

19. Water Bottle Raises: Your bottle of water comes into use here. You need to hold it in your right hand curl your elbow and extend your arm over your head. Repeat with other arm and never get your arms tired.

20. Legs Toning: You don’t need a resistance band for this routine. You simply need to cross one leg on top of the other and stretch it underneath your desk. While doing this raise your legs off the floor and hold it there for as long as you can or till your muscles tire out. This workout will result in your legs being toned and healthy.

You can easily combat the negative effects of a nine to five routine on your body and physical strength by performing these easy and doable office workouts. They not only keep you healthy and concentrated they also help in getting rid of tensions and stress and enhances your performance. With a little creativity and the right state of mind, you can happily turn your office space into your own personal gym. Try these out and experience the results first hand.

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