Wednesday , March 22 2023
Role of exercise

Why is exercise the best way to lose fat?

Is your growing waist-line earning some notorious attention when you step out of the house? Are you mostly found sitting in front of television munching that packet of chips and coke which you bought on the way back home from office? Long office hours and job demands leaves you too exhausted to indulge in any kind of physical exercise. Learn why physical activity is important to control obesity.

Studies reveal that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to gain weight as compared to those who engage in regular physical activity. Obesity is a serious health concern because of its link to several other chronic health conditions. It is becoming more of an epidemic with the bad work-life balance, eating-out trend and increasing use of gadgets to complete routine chores. When you have a car at your disposal, who’ll like to walk even for a distance of 1km!

Imbalance between energy consumption and expenditure is largely responsible for excess body weight. As meals become lavish with growing income and access to resources, time and energy to exercise shrinks. This is the prime reason for the growing cases of obesity. Exercise plays an important role in controlling obesity because it is a variable component in the outflow of energy. Exercise helps to burn calories and increases our energy expenditure. Thus, changes in the physical activity will help to alter body weight and gives long-term sustainable results.

Evidence proves that 30-60 minutes of physical activity (per day) of moderate intensity improves health benefits in terms of controlling body weight. One should participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercises like walking to maximize weight loss and avoid weight re-gain. Exercise is also known to show significant benefits for cardiovascular system and metabolic rate.

Therefore, it is advised to include exercise in your daily routine to maintain a healthy weight for your entire life. Here are some general exercise recommendations:

  1. Perform 20-30 minutes of exercise for at least three days in a week.

  2. Cardio exercises are very common for weight loss. These include crossfit, interval training, kickboxing, and power yoga etc.

  3. Start with shorter 10-minute sessions of a moderate intensity and then progress to more vigorous ones for longer period.

  4. Check with your doctor especially if you are suffering from asthma, heart problems or joint pains.


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