Are you a medical practitioner who regularly requires your patients to get blood tests? These tests are necessary for identifying the cause of the disease and its nature and help you diagnose and suggest proper treatment.

The professional who does the pathology testing is a phlebotomist (PBT). However, all testing services are not equally reliable, so it is essential to choose only those who are. Even a minor inaccuracy could result in a wrong diagnosis, leading to various complications.

Further, some provide tests for selected medical conditions, depending on available tools and technology. Thus, choosing a service with experience and well-trained medical staff that offers a wide range of test options is vital.

If you are looking for a testing centre, these are some details to help you out before selecting one.

Do they provide a wide range of services?

The first thing you should check is the facility’s range of services. These should include cardiovascular, environmental, allergies and intolerances, gut, hormone and mental health, routine pathology and oncology.

You should ask them about the tests available in these categories and whether they cover the essential ones. For example, if you require hormonal health testing, they should cover things like adrenal dried urine profile, essential thyroid micro-sample, cortisol-profile saliva and extensive sleep profile.

Similarly, if you are interested in gut health, it should include products like Candida antibodies/antigen, complete microbiome mapping and faecal occult blood-stool. 

What is their turnaround time

It refers to the period between the laboratory collecting the specimen from the patient and producing the medical report. It is better to choose a centre that can send you the results within a few days, rather than making you wait for a long time. 

However, some tests require more time than others, so that is something you should consider beforehand. For instance, the zonulin-faecal test usually takes around seven days, while estrogen metabolites level takes between 10 to 12 business days. 

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Do they offer the option of downloading reports?

You might be unable to visit the testing centre to collect the physical report on some days. So you must select a facility that allows you to download it on their website. That way, you can immediately access the report when it’s available.

What are the collection options?

The service should ideally offer you two options: providing you with test kits for your clinic or having your patient contact the facility directly for one. These make things convenient and quick.

If you have the test kit, give it to the patient for specimen collection. But if you don’t, help them fill out a form for the test kit. The patient will provide the required specimen (fluid, blood or urine), pack it in a post-container and send it.

Once the facility receives the tests, they will process and analyze them and finally send you the results. 

Is the registration process easy?

One of the most important features is to check if the registration process is easy. Good ones usually ask you to open an account by completing an online application form with details like your first name, email address, clinic name, registration number and specialty. 

Once they receive your details, you should receive a starter pack with personalized request forms, a testing menu and other helpful information. 

Choosing a good pathology testing centre is vital for getting reliable results on time. So before making the final decision, you should consider various factors, from the kind of services provided to the turnaround time.

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