Do you also find yourself teaming up with women who tout c-section as an easy and quick way to deliver the baby? Well, we agree that more and more women are subscribing to this view but – is this decision after thorough fact-finding or off-the-cuff to dodge the labor pain?

Here is a quick snapshot of what you need to know before you make the choice.

C-Section Delivery – what’s it all about

Although you may find that c-section is very common, but you can’t dislodge the fact that surgeries are risky and caesarean birth is a major surgery in your tummy and pelvic area. Doctors may suggest caesarean delivery when there is a danger to the life of a mum or baby. In such scenarios, c-section is the safest option.

Women who are overweight, had previous surgery on tummy or are suffering from a medical condition have a higher risk of complications.

Sometimes, doctors would have induced labour and it is not progressing, you may have to undergo caesarean surgery.

The major advantage offered by c-section is that you can schedule which makes it convenient and reduce the stress related to labor and delivery. You’ll feel a great sense of control over the childbirth that acts a booster to your emotional state.

With c-section, there is a lesser risk of birth trauma to the baby due to oxygen deprivation which may occur while passing through the birth canal. Of course, most moms who opted for c-section says they experienced lesser sexual problems in the first few months after post-partum.

Do these benefits of caesarean delivery sound encouraging to you?

Well, take a look at what you’ve to trade-off to enjoy these benefits.

  • Immense pain and discomfort in the belly after the operation which may take at least few weeks to go away. This pain will interfere with your normal routine.
  • Higher risk of infection in wounds and lining of the uterus
  • Danger of blood clots (which may happen with any surgeries)
  • Serious complications like injury to the bladder may occur in less than one in 100 caesareans which sometimes necessitates removal of uterus to protect your health.
  • Your baby may develop breathing problem if caesarean is done before labour started

Generally once you’ve had a caesarean, you’re more likely to have c-section in future pregnancies also. Evidence indicates that women who’ve had a caesarean may not start breastfeeding from the outset. There may be some delay as compared to those with normal delivery but once it starts there’ll be no problem thereafter.

Normal delivery – why grannies publicize it

In comparison to caesarean delivery, there are several benefits of giving birth vaginally.

First and foremost, that’s the natural way.

Shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and easy breastfeeding are what make normal delivery a popular choice among many people. Hemorrhage, blood clots, infection and injury are less likely to occur. There is also a lower chance of babies developing asthma and breathing difficulties.

It is also much easier for women to shed kilos gained during pregnancy.  The only factor that is daunting about normal delivery is the pain (which may occur from few hours to few days) experienced during labor but that pain is worthwhile when you see your baby.

How much ever the pain be, it creates its own sweet memories!

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